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By David Beilstein

It is a rarified air for President Barack Obama not to be reckless, as we may call attention to the president’s perverse imprudence of late—especially in light of Rod Dreher’s unease with congressional Republican “ideologues.”

In President Obama’s battle against House Republicans, then, it is no surprise the president of these United States appears hell-bent on challenging the 14th Amendment, tempting to plunge the nation into default.

George F. Will does not always get everything right, but he did nail this issue. According to the U.S. Constitution, default would be a choice—not a necessity caused by congressional Republicans.

Aside from a battle over the funding of ObamaCare, it now appears we have a battle over the U.S. Constitution. In essence, a constitutional crisis emerges—even if the mainstream press will not admit it.

If one thought elections did not matter now is a good time to reverse such an opinion. They do matter. Libertarian Monks had as much problems with Mitt Romney as many of our faithful but modest band of readers.

But Romney would have been better than a mad-dog tyrant—doing a pretty good mimicry job a tyrant rather than a president.

Sounds harsh, I know.

But look around—take a glimpse at the purposeful chaos Barack Obama has unleashed upon American society; and ask oneself, is this what this man meant by radical transformation?

Looks like it.


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