Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Status quaestionis, Weekly Politikos



By Robert L. Capehert

Good Dr. Thomas Sowell, libertarian stalwart, genius economist, wrote over at National Review Online a column  illustrating with rapier edge the numerous inarticulateness of Republicans, contrasting them with the Democratic Party, writing,

Democrats, by contrast, are all talk. They could sell refrigerators to Eskimos before Republicans could sell them blankets. Indeed, Democrats sold Barack Obama to the American public, which is an even more amazing feat, considering his complete lack of relevant experience and questionable (at best) loyalty to the values and institutions of this country.

The Democrats have obviously given a lot of attention to articulation, including coordinated articulation among their members. Some years ago, Senator Chuck Schumer was recorded, apparently without his knowledge, telling fellow Democrats to keep using the word “extremist” when discussing Republicans.

Truth is, Republicans have handled the current government shutdown debacle better than years past when they were outmanoeuvred and out-witted.

Still, that is based upon the discernible reality that Republicans have a much better hand this time around (and Pres. Obama has a weaker hand) than normally has been the case.

Of course, Dr. Sowell clarifies with extreme acuity why Republicans and even more so, constitutional conservatives as it were, find themselves dealing with such electoral power on the Democratic side of the aisle.

To be sure, a Republican Party and conservative movement which has sought relevancy where relevancy matters little foments a monstrosity of lackadaisical communication. Moreover, a championing of identity politics over an eloquent communication of the free minds and markets which is exuded from a political liberalism of the classical variety – of constitutional expression based upon reason and logical construction – has distanced Republicans ever more from the daily concerns, and fiscal realities of American life.




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