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By David Beilstein

I am myself glad to see political parties with guts — and something about Rod Dreher’s recent column over at the The American Conservative, angers me.

Still, I am not confident in Republican’s ability to communicate.

It’s not just the president having the bully pulpit, but the notion that it has been (since about late 2009) fairly easy to take apart the ideological premises in Pres. Obama’s agenda, exposing the detrimental consequences of those statist policies, winning winnable elections.

Yet, Republicans have failed miserably.

Pres. Barack Obama, regardless of all the “incumbents are hard to beat” horseshit, was an easy target in ’12.

Pres. Obama glided to victory.  Excuses aren’t going to cut it. Ronald Reagan beat incumbent Jimmy Carter quite easily, as did Bill Clinton rock George H.W. Bush’s world. So, I’m not buying it.

Moreover, except the ’10 midterms, Republicans are a colourless, banal, stiff group of petards — or, at least they come off as such, to be sure.

Such reality makes it difficult to come out on top in the eyes of the public during a government shutdown debate.

It is true government shutdowns have not impeded economic growth, neither in the 80s under Pres. Reagan, nor the 1990’s under then Pres. Bill Clinton, but antipode of that reality is already being presumed by the Mainstream Media.

Some, I presume, will no doubt lament the death of the Mainstream Media and the newly ascended “conservative media” (which I must say, is more GOP tv, than classical liberal media). Nevertheless, that edge in the new media did nothing to help Romney defeat incumbent Pres. Obama at a time when the president was ready to be beaten.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is a disaster. And it seems he is drawing a line in the sand because his job depends on it. Classical liberals and Republican Party faithful have had a enough of Boehner’s sashaying.

But given media clips, Boehner cannot hang with Pres. Obama. He’s another colourless Republican — whereas Pres. Obama is halfway theatrical, and even to these 37-year-old eyes, impressive.

If the majority of Republican leadership were Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee, I’d recommend a showdown. But with the team lineup where it is, I am far from optimistic Republicans win the public relations battle on this.

It’s where they’re most weak and vulnerable.


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