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By David Beilstein

A few days ago, the New York Times ran an article about Syrian opposition rebels (eleven to be exact), deciding to throw in with al-Qaeda, and other extremist groups, against Basher al-Assad’s regime.

These were the so-called moderate groups in control of opposition against the Syrian dictator.

Now remember, this news comes on the heels of the Obama administration shimmy-shimmy Ah-ing itself into a sanctimonious frazzled state, opining it was imperative the United States launch an attack on Assad’s chemical weapon capabilities, pronto. An attack described as “unbelievable small.”

It could not wait—it needed to happen ASAP.


Next up, Secretary of State John F. Kerry started throwing verbal combinations—but found himself left out in the cold, ass in a stiff breeze, when Pres. Obama pulled an about-face out of his magical hat, deciding he wanted congressional approval for unity’s sake.

Congressional approval got snared. And dissipated rather quickly, as the more the administration talked, the more opposed congressional leaders and the American public became.

Now, American policy is caught up in supporting the same knuckle-headed savages U.S. armed forces went to battle against following the September 11th terrorist attack, some 12 years this month.

We could call the Obama administrations foreign policy befuddled, but that does not describe how immense a cluster-farce the situation has become.

And it will get worse as America’s enemies determine the American ship is rudderless from any discernible political principal.

Things tend toward the blood when nations hostile to America spot a lack of resolve. A lack of leadership, alas, can be deadly. And the American press’ outlandish veneration of the Obama administration without reason only adds to the danger.

They got the president they wanted—and he is a disaster. Obama is clueless.

It gets worse.

It illustrates the distrust the American people voiced toward Pres. Obama’s stance against Assad’s regime—when the president threatened military action—was well founded.

The Obama administration (along with Senator’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham) promised rebel oppositional forces were “moderate,” and not part of a small percentage of radical terrorist fighters.

But the Times story tells a different tale. One where the Obama administration’s credibility continues to circle the bowl.


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