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By David J Beilstein

What’s happened with Syria?

President Barack H. Obama spoke to the nation a little after 9 pm Eastern Standard Time, in a speech more confused and multi-pronged in intent and evasion, than one could care to imagine or investigate.

The president essentially gave a speech about the necessity of the United States to do nothing, after, one may remember, this entire cluster-farce was said to be of immediate importance in the words of not only Pres. Obama — but his administration, most visibly Secretary of State, John F. Kerry.

A week ago: Pres. Obama shucked and jived. And then Secretary Kerry came out on fire for war and soon, thereafter, Obama backtracked, unsure, worried, dithering.

Oh my.

But I can presume, now, the President of the United State’s bony-ass is twisting in the breeze, between a rock and a hard place.

Russian President Putin exploited Barack Obama so badly the last few days we could hear calls of racism any day from the mainstream press.

Obama was beaten from pillar to post — and looked terrible while it happened.

I find myself with a dual personality. The more I observe the Obama administration I’m left speechless as to how Pres. Obama won reelection.

I know, I know. Republicans are a defective brand in the eyes of the American public;; worse, Republicans proved themselves incompetent in a good many ways in recent years, creating an adverse tidal wave of electoral support for Democratic Party candidates on the national political stage.

It’s not how liberal the country has tilted — but how illiberal Republicans sound (even in the classical sense).

Even Matt Drudge has come out and said it’s no longer about Republicans and Democrats; conservatives verses liberals — never a good name for progressives, anyway, but I digress.

No says Drudge, it’s a battle — a smack down if you will — between authoritarians and libertarians.

And, ladies and gents, friends and neighbours, too many conservative Republicans are not being seen as opposed to authoritarianism.

In fact, men like Rick Santorum and women like Michele Bachmann openly throw rhetorical daggers at libertarians in general, and libertarian-Republicans in particular.

Never mind the fusionism which begot the modern conservative movement inspired by William F. Buckley, Jr., Frank Meyer, and senator and one-time presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater — a movement of the non-kook aspects of libertarianism on one side, and paleo-conservatism on the other.

The richness of two wonderfully cogent expressions of classical liberalism, married together into an impressive bit of polemical and political engagement.

The rape and defeat of election 2012 takes some getting used to. Especially when one is driven made watching Barack Obama make an ass out of himself and America at large.

As a libertarian Negro, I could go further. And I will. Deep breathe, all. Here it is: it’s probably going to take a white person to fix this mess — so how good has Obama been for black notions of equality — of the idea we can do something every bit as well as a white man, yellow man, red man, and the like?

So far, Obama’s proven — one of us — we haven’t a clue about the office of President. Oh, I said it.

Dr Cornel West of Princeton University, said it best — this has been, and will continue to be, Obama pottage. Indeed, Pres. Obama is only good at relishing the “bling” which accompanies the office of president.

I think that’s observant — and true.

And Libertarian Monks has been a peek-a-boo of sorts as to why that is. What causes it?

But I’m still ever so shocked when I see the performance of Barack Obama and then reflect back on Tuesday, Nov. 6, when a President who should have lost his bid for reelection, was soundly prodded onto victory by a sea of unexpected votes and voter entheos.

It was not unlike watching Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, as a child. The 2012 presidential campaign got better and better, especially after Obama nose-dived into the mud in the first debate and Romney got his feet under him. And pundits and election forecasters — left and right — were adamant things continued to get worse and worse for the raptor-armed president.

Obama looked like he was losing more ad more ground; sort of like how Empire was turning into one blast of a flick…


Darth Vader beat the hell out of Luke Skywalker, cuts off his hand, and Han Solo is left frozen in carbonate — which could be akin to Romney losing his campaign erection and playing safe through the second and third debate, as if drugged.

Awfully, depressing.

And when Virginia and North Carolina (and Florida, dammit) were as close as they were when Dick Morris and a host of others prepared oppositional minds and hearts for a “smallish” landslide in favor of ideological impotent Romney, we knew something was tragically wrong.

And it was.

The president has backed away from Syria. Russia gave him a lifeline just long enough after to make him look like a clown.

But Russian Pres. Putin is no fool — unlike Pres. Obama — and I suspect the cost will be high in a region of violent aggressors; where the world operates on an entirely different paradigm than Obama’s Ivy League shenanigans.

But Republicans, and many conservatives, have as much to blame for this as Pres. Obama in a sense.

They took the conservative movement into the most inane of esoteric airs, where the commen-sensiscal American voter had little to no sympathy for their hyperbole.

These conservatives, a cabal of social moralisers, culture-warriors, and evangelical legalists, who seem to always conflate law and gospel — confusing the jurisdiction, and particular role of the Church and state — betraying too many variations of middle class concerns, and the importance of localism and Federalism.

And so people in larger and larger numbers stopped voting for this varied-coloured coat of “conservatism.”

Meanwhile, many so-called conservatives began supporting a series of foreign policy blunders that became increasingly hard to ask Americans to support — as a result, a calamitous morass of biblical proportions ensued.

One, it seems, which contributed not an ounce to American edification or improvement, across an ever-more impoverished nation.

Finally, Russian Pres. Putin wrote an op-ed in the paper of record, the New York Times, knocking Obama ass-over-tea cup in a mocking editorial.

It’s been a long time since an American president got slapped around so badly — from a Russian thug, no less.

And, one has to ask if American — and especially if one of many black Americans — was rabid incompetence making it into the White House, worth it?



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