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By David J. Beilstein

The Daily Caller posted a story presenting the possible scenario that Pres. Barack Obama will abandon a planned strike on Syrian regime targets if congressional members vote against him in the House.

The story goes on to speculate that the House may not even vote if it looks like the president will be roundly defeated — as an effort to mitigate against embarressing the Obama administration further.

I, however, presume it is the Obama White House which has embarrassed itself with an incompetence I have never seen in a presidential administration.

Granted, I have only been around since 1976 (37 years and some change), but still, it’s impressive in a perverse way.

According to the Daily Caller piece, the Senate is likely to approve Obama’s request for military authorisation — it is the House where things are much trickier. I read somewhere Obama’s chances of getting a “go vote” in the House decrease by the hour.

Meanwhile, Pres. Obama failed to gather any support overseas at the G20 Summit in St Petersburg, Russia. Not surprising. While Libertarian Monks and myself have railed against Republican incompetence and miscommunication since our inception, we did come out and endorse Mitt Romney.

The American people did not listen. Electoral rules deemed normative in most elections proved untrue for the raptor-armed Commander in Chief.

Pres. Barack Obama won reelection far more easily than he ever should of and that has meant an excrement sandwich whites and blacks (and everyone else) will have to bite into.

Because Pres. Obama is clueless — and way, way, over his head.


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