ROBERT COSTA of NRO posted a column concerning the Republican Party establishment’s entheos for the presidential electability for New Jersey’s rotund governor, Chris Christie.

Costa spends a few sentences here and there uncovering the Christie camps efforts to assuage the bitter feelings of folks who felt the hefty trash-can man left Romney on the field of battle at the eleventh hour, wrapping his arms around a soon-to-be victorious Pres. Obama.

To be far – even though I do not desire to be so – it is probably more true than not that Romney’s chances of winning the presidency evaporated when A) he earned himself a small fortune, and B) he allowed the Obama campaign juggernaut to define him as “rich and out of touch” during the summer of 2012.

Still, have we not – as those opposed to statist government – watched the establishment wing of the G.O.P. pick enough limp candidates, who regardless of excitement from the punditracy, go down in flames under November skies?

Increasingly, it seems, G.O.P. candidates are like the groom who becomes caged by impotency on his wedding night to the chagrin of his new bride, and his own dishonor.

What of McCain? And how about Romney?

Both candidates the “smart” pundits told us were the only G.O.P. candidates who could win. Worse, I’m still hearing voices in my head about how independent vote-getting Sen. John McCain was going to snatch up a bushel of votes and run candidate Obama – or Hillary – down in a maelstrom of electoral support.

Didn’t happen. Not even close, actually. McCain got his cranky ass knocked out early, and Obama won almost 370 electoral votes in the process.

Four years later, Pres. Obama had to settle for roughly 330 electoral votes, but did so with an ebbing economy, foreign policy missteps galore – still, Romney petered out and junked his victory speech for what was deemed one of the best concession speeches in many a year on the eve of Nov. 6, 2012.

What a bunch of horseshit baloney.

When are Republicans going to begin giving victory speeches – at the presidential level?

And still, Gov. Christie has a shot – and that shot looks like this: the Obama economy, as if it is some great surprise, continues to worsen. Pres. Obama’s foreign policy is in tatters, and continues to look dreadfully amateur. And finally, ObamaCare, the administration’s signature success, looks like a nest of botched legislation.

All will impede Democratic Party chances for victory, in 2016, and it will be hard to blame such rise in misfortune again on Republicans.

Sure, the same was said of 2012 – but Obama was running. And the financial disaster of 2008 (which happened on George W. Bush’s watch) wasn’t exactly small potatoes.

All such circumstances could, with a little shove here and there, propel Gov. Christie into the Oval Office.

Or so goes the Christie wish and prayer circle.

That does not change the large fact of Gov. Christie being a discernable fraud. And we here at Libertarian Monks have been opining about the heft (literally) and shape (also literally) of that fraud for at least a year.

And if there is a pack – a cabal; a cadre – of folks who do not understand American constitutionalism and the direction the G.O.P. needs to steer its political ship, it’s the pundit and establishment class of the once, and great, Grand Old Party.





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