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I have had the fortune of being on somewhat of a sabbatical in order to finish up some important creative writing projects and other duties.

Moreover, Bob Capehert has been working on his first novel—asking questions of professionals everywhere how to publish whatever it is he has concocted.

And I was also able to sit down with a couple who are dear to my heart and eat a wonderfully cooked meal and speak about religion and politics until somewhere north of 11 pm this past Wednesday. All and all it has been a welcome week of brain stimulation and exchange of ideas Libertarian Monks deems to be of significant importance.

I pray for the health and state of mind to continue to blog more on a regular basis. I’m quite enthused about my writing projects—but developments around the world and especially in America do not let up easy. To be sure, I also felt the need to till and replant the better foliage of my mind, so ammo was needed to write differing content than has been the norm on LB for quite some time.

If I can figure out how to get those damn pictures showing up on the tabs to new entries many of my current frustrations will have ebbed—and I shall rest easier I’m sure. Until later—and let say I hope that means sooner—I’ll see everybody back here shortly.

Sincerely Yours,

David Joseph Beilstein


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