Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Weekly Politikos



By Robert Capehert

One could infer from the President’s recent press conference, ill news swirls around the Obama White House. Add press secretary Jay Carney’s ineptitude in giving non-answers (lies!) to the White House press pool into the mix, and one can see rough seas ahead even for an administration that has been treated with velvet gloves by the American media.

Even so, Barack Obama is either involved in the I.R.S. and AP scandals, or is such an incompetent manager of a bloated bureaucracy he can do nothing to bring accountability and reform to a government metastasising into a tyrannical beast.

Benghazi continues to boil. And questions remain. Two stand-down orders were given, both preventing Special Forces units to intervene on behalf of Americans under attack — violent attacks, which left four Americans dead on foreign soil in a war zone.

But Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton remain silent. Nice…

Insofar as these scandals go to the heart of the business of government, congressional Republicans — given article one powers by the U.S. Constitution — are cowardly, unkempt, and unable to do battle with a government far outside the bounds of liberal conceptions of governmental authority.

The leading Republican clown, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio — the inept Speaker of the House — refuses to get engaged. Yet, it has only been a few years since low information conservatives championed the Marlboro smoking congressional hack as a new “conservative” leader.

Boehner has done nothing to aid either the reform of government, nor the rebuilding of government along constitutional parameters.

Moving on…

History matters as usual. Since then-President JFK sat in the Oval Office — back in the early 1960s — the Internal Revenue Service has been used by presidential administrations in almost all decades since, to attack political opposition and intimidate private citizens for their political affiliations.

As such, a special prosecutor should be given an open-ended command to investigate the I.R.S. And a special select investigative committee in the House of Representatives should be formed over the Benghazi debacle.

Conversely, a long-term plan is required: the abolishment of the I.R.S., ceasing its existence as a political weapon; and erected in its place, either a flat-tax, or fair tax revenue. The scandals that occupy Washington, D.C. are not simply a failure of personality or character — but of the entire edifice of big government in its entirety.


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