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By David Beilstein

We do not know as yet whom or what group of individuals fomented the attacks during the 2013 Boston Marathon. We know of the carnage, myriads injured, three lives lost — as of now — and close to 35 individuals facing life with the loss of limb(s).

We do know, sadly, such circumstances are now apart of life in America. Such reality sucker-punched Americans not long ago, on that Tuesday morning, some 12 years ago, in September of 2001, when death screeched through blue skies, slamming into buildings, and killing close to three thousand souls within a couple hours.

It looks like — in some form unknown to us now — those images of horror and destruction have returned to another American city. No one expected Boston, city of Paul Revere, of so many liberty-animating moments in the history of our republic. But it did — it has. We are aware, now and before, of our best as people — defying the odds, scrambling to help the horribly wounded; we know the spirit of our people in times of such unspeakable trauma is strong.

And we now have new faces to mourn: an eight-year-old boy and two young women. Victims of pure evil — gone to violent extreme.

America is a resilient society, but much of that depends on America being a free society — a society where, in the best of times and the worst of times, men and women are able to protect themselves and their property.

Gun rights would not have prevented the horror that descended upon the Boston marathon. And we must not fool ourselves that it would have. Still, it concerns this author that in big cities across America legislation against the right of the people to protect body and property from vicious thugs continues to be blocked by our lawgivers atop elitist mesas.

It should come as no surprise to common decency that laws that turn people into victims are immoral laws. They ought to be defeated by the American people through the lawful apparatus of the legislative process.

It occurred to me many of our laws are enacted to prevent people from becoming victims, and thus, law-breakers. Social safety nets, food assistant programs, all help steer individuals into productive ways of securing life and limb.

Gun rights are no different. The ability for men and women to protect themselves is an issue of first principals according to the provisions laid out in the U.S. Constitution. To pass laws against such safety measures for individual citizens of these United States is an attack upon self-preservation and the health of communities nationwide.

Law enforcement has a definite and beneficial role in society. And so does the armed citizen. To abridge such rights is to impede the quality of life, and impose victim-hood on thousands of law-abiding citizens.

We can do better as a nation. We must and we better.

Time marches on. So do opportunities to reform and restore our great and free republic.


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