Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Weekly Politikos



By Robert Capehert

Now the shoes are dropping.

Following leftist Joe Klein’s column a week ago, which stipulated ObamaCare was an impending disaster, a plethora of Democratic senators (most not seeking reelection!) are weighing in on what they consider to be the “train-wreck” of ObamaCare.

It’s going to raise healthcare costs, not lower them — it’s not going to insure those it was intended to, et cetera, et cetera.

It would be good for statist leftists to remember these same arguments made by those pesky non-compassionate, “sold out to the private sector” conservatives.

Classical liberal arguments against ObamaCare were concerned about individual access to healthcare and doctor provision — being decoupled from an all-powerful state — championed by the left to be selfish paranoia of anti-government plebeians.

But the problem is those “right-wing nuts,” appear to be increasingly prescient regarding the over reach and ineffectiveness of what one might call the ObamaCare screw-up.

First, classical liberals are not anti-government. Government has a role — an important one. It’s outlined in the U.S. Constitution. I guess it doesn’t matter now, because American’s are now screwed — all because of the seductions of Barry Obama.

A submission to reality would have worked well here, as national healthcare has been a boondoggle of epic proportion wherever it’s been tried. Less quality care, expansive costs, long waiting times for normative operations, et cetera.

But we must be truthful here. Blame must go to the American voters for this charade, as Obama was duly elected by an American electorate (easily one might add) of profound disconnect from fiscal, social, and governmental wisdom.

Another Democratic senator (his name escapes me at the present time) has called the healthcare provision a “cluster-you-know-what.”

This following, of course, these bone-headed jerks did not read the bill, but were able to passionately force it down the American people’s throats in truly tyrannical fashion.

Worse. The G.O.P. base got suckered into nominating the one Republican presidential candidate (it’s got to be Romney pop conservatives screamed or else we’ll lose in November went the adage) who isolated himself with his own socialistic healthcare bill, which in turn disabled any ability for Romney to dismantle and attack ObamaCare with any real punch during the 2012 presidential campaign.

Still, some good news presents itself.

Barack Obama’s sham anti-gun legislation bill, micturating on the second amendment was defeated, but all too narrowly. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada has stacked the deck in order to insure a rematch on the background check bill — all eight-thousand words of it. As such, it will be important for G.O.P. senators and classical liberals to hold their ground.

One thing is for sure: it’s good to see Barack Obama defeated. Obama is a nasty crank when angered. Those who watched the presser at the White House Rose Garden got a clearer picture of Obama’s demagoguery.


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