Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics



By Robert Capehert

Following today’s developments — or what seemed like developments — in the manhunt for the perpetrator(s?) of the Boston Marathon bombing, conservative talkers began picking apart the media’s handling of alleged suspects and what not.

Clearly, some of the ass-backwards comments from the statist left have not been helpful, (Salon spread enough excreta on its proverbial face to gather sundry rebuke) but otherwise, what does one expect from a significant event where media institutions are in a frenzy, aping to report breaking news.

It does not excuse bad journalism — don’t misunderstand — but it does explain it.

Much of the criticism of the mainstream media is deserved. They have become a praetorian guard around Barack Obama’s presidency, denying any investigative vigour to uncovering Benghazi’s sordid tale — even if a investigative piece cleared the Obama administration.

One has to speculate such an investigation would not have done so, else why the silence? But as others have maintained, this delegitimises the MSM something fierce.

The ravenous desire for the Boston marathon bomber(s) to be a disgruntled “right wing” cadre is also distressing, as it means the media desires a political charade to come out of what must be described as an attack upon innocent men and women.

We might as well deal with the whole “right wing” nut issue. Whoever did this attack ought to face capital punishment — sentenced and executed within five years, “right wing nuts” or Islamic fascists.

American conservatives, i.e., classical liberals, are not “right wing nuts.” If we are then the founding fathers were “right wing nuts,” an ideologically absurd notion.

The American conservative or consequentialist libertarian does not hate government. He seeks its constitutional limitation — confined within its enumerated borders. That is not hate — it’s a liberal conception of government. It has its roots in Lockean liberalism and Edmund Burke’s brilliant conceptions of men and government.

Burke’s arguments against the progenitors of the French Revolution are all that is needed to argue against “right wing nuts.”

Big difference.

American conservatives of numerous variety, as well as libertarians of the consequentialist stripe, seek to conserve and protect the moorings of civil society; the exact opposite of what the perpetrator or perpetrators of the bombing of innocent civilians in Boston entails.

Indeed, the bombing of a world wide marathon in the heart of an American city would elevate political discourse in direct conflict with the kind of society American classical liberals seek to reform and build.

But we have a media sold out on political correctness, which in turn, blinds it to any rational discussion of ideology and thus the motivations of the left and right in this once free republic.

The American people deserve an honest and decoupled from state-power media. One hopes innovation and a burgeoning private sector will erect the edifice able to handle such news gathering institutions.

It is needed in our time.

Now, one gazes around and hopes against hope — it is not too late in these sombre hours.


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