Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Novus Ordo Seclorum, War & Peace, Weekly Politikos



March 23

By Robert Capehert

I was for the Iraq War and now I’m not sure.

Two issues reside in my brain stem: The first, being, would we want Saddam Hussein in Mesopotamia right now with things as they are in Iran and North Korea? When I answer those questions, I might come to what some would say is a peace of mind. Nation building is bloody work.

And the Bush administration did not properly prepare the American people for what that entailed in the heart of the Middle East. Really, no one could.

But I do find myself more and more on the side of Patrick J Buchanan—whose book Where The Right Went Wrong, was key to my thinking on America’s use of her vaunted military prowess.

If Beilstein can give you Steyn, whom I respect, I can give you Buchanan.

Fair is fair.

Onward with the intramural dialogue.


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