Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Weekly Politikos



March 22

By Robert Capehert

It’s happened again: another shooting.

And it happened in the vicinity of a municipality, in which, to have gun and travel without permit papers from the almighty, will land a Gent or a Betty in the slammer on a felony gun charge for a good many years.

Not because a crime has been committed. Of course not. But because the Gent or the Betty had a gun without a permit. Worse, gun permits in such jurisdictions as Newark, New Jersey and New York City are harder to obtain than Evian water in the pits of hell.

The notion such anti-Second Amendment legislation is effective policy against criminal shootings, when many of the victims of those shootings are bystanders, is a large problem for progressive tyrants.

Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) can complain all she wants about the dismissal of her assault-weapons ban bill (even though assault weapons are already banned for average men and women).

She can wince… she can complain… and she can kvetch.

But what she cannot do is ignore, conjure, or re-imagine facts.

And she cannot do anything about—finally!—large slices of the American populace—while happily reelecting Barry Obama to the presidency—nevertheless, reject large doses of the anti-gun crusader’s rhetoric.


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