Weekly Politikos



March 18

By David Beilstein

IF someone is surprised by former secretary of state Hilary Clinton’s bait and switch on same-sex marriage—as if one could be!—that person is living in a dream.

Where I stand on the issue?

R. Scott Clark made a good case against gay-marriage, here. Still, I really do not think the state should have much to say about sexuality—unless non-consensual and unless laws of age of consent issues are relevant. That does leave me with large sympathy of Bob Capehert’s position.

The Democratic Party of these United States continues to destroy the American nation. They are tyrants.

And they wield an ugly and powerful influence.

But there are important battles and less important battles. Wars are fought in battles. One of the things that should unite and animate conservative/libertarian action in our times is which hills are worth dying on?

Questions need answers.

The limitation of the federal government and modern statism’s grim promotion of positive liberty instead of the negative liberty constitutionally comprehended, is one such hill.

We need to do battle wisely. Pro-actively. Not in a reactionary manner.


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