Hooking & Jabbing, Mr Robert Luke Capehert



By Robert Capehert

When I came across this, I was buzzing. Hard to imagine.

Crede, ut intelligas sure had some guts… and some baaaaaaaaaadddddd juju.

Romney was better than Obama, so they say. I had to listen to Dave Beilstein grovel on about supporting Mitt Romney for months after the Bain capital superman flamed out over America. I can assure those who do read this humble ‘berg of a blog’, unless a libertarian is nominated in the upcoming 2016 presidential election, I will not be writing any endorsements for soft Republicans.


Could say it right now, I will endorse a libertarian with a Toothbrush moustache before I vote for another Republican cheese-cake moderate—one, whom the establishment informs me has to be supported, “if we’re gonna have a shot at winning.”


I am with Dave about Ann Coulter. She’s a loudmouth Betty. And chicks don’t do it for me who are loud. Never have and never will. I like a woman properly quiet and properly womanly. Ann isn’t her.

Ann is obnoxious. And she’s been denouncing Barry Goldwater entheos for too long.

I’d like to see a Barry Goldwater Republican candidate—a purest libertarian, in Ms Coulter’s universe—get beat by 1964 standards before throwing in the towel on “arch-conservatives” candidacies.  I’m in favor of a deal being struck. When moderates lose two ginormous elections in a row—us purest types get to lose two big elections. Fair is fair. Someone, let us suppose, the moderate wing of the GOP and jerks like Karl Rove get to decide whose acceptable and whose not.

It’s interesting when sure-winners go down in flames over November skies. And according to Pat Caddell (who I implore to read this blog) these consultant types make tens of millions of dollars—to lose!

What gives? Money, it has been said, is the mother’s milk of politics. Fine. When you’re successful, I can dig it. When people are successful I’m not offended by them swimming, bathing—or even burning money. It’s their property. But throwing large bags of cash to Betty’s and gent’s who lose Republican elections, while at the same time denouncing principled conservative candidates, in the face of statist dolts like Barry Obama, sounds far-fetched.

It’s beyond crass.

On to the business at hand. Got a call Saturday. March 16. Beilstein was on the phone proposing we add another section to Crede, ut intelligas. We decided, or he did, on calling it Hooking And Jabbing—where, humble Negroes that we are, will throw prose-punches back and forth and debate the political landscape.

It’s sort of copycat version (just far less successful) as NRO’s The Corner. An intramural dialogues between two cats of roughly the same mind and various differences of opinion in politics.

It’ll be fun.

Beilstein is probably more cautious a cat. I suppose we agree overall on political matters. I, though, stuck to my guns and pulled the lever for Gary Johnson—the Libertarian Party candidate, 2012. Beilstein succumbed to peer pressure of the worse stripe, and supported the used car salesmen of all used car salesmen, Mitt Romney.

Both Dave and I are libertarians. I’m more of a straight-shop libertarian. Both of us are students of journalism when time and passion allow. Dave is more apt to support Republican candidates—honouring William F Buckley, Jr.’s adage that one should always vote for the most electable candidate.

But Republicans are not electable in our day.

I’m a fan of Buckley, Jr., too.  Even like his son, Christopher. The younger Buckley’s Thank You for Smoking novel has to be one of best comedic tomes I’ve yet had the pleasure of reading. By the way, who knows what happened to Christopher Buckley? Seems, the man tripped and fell over the media’s projected Barack Obama illusion quite forcefully.

When Republicans nominate turkeys like they’ve been doing of late, WFB’s adage needs—at the very least—some reconfiguration.

Wouldn’t you agree?


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