Hooking & Jabbing, Weekly Politikos



March 17

By David Beilstein

As I get older, I get less precious.

Since I just had a birthday, it’s been on my mind of late.

CPAC has concluded. It could be of some help to offer a few, concluding remarks. Newt Gingrich took a lot of incoming fire from all corners during the Republican primaries, but his speech at this year’s CPAC conference was focused and aimed at voters occupying diverse backgrounds.

I was pleased with Gingrich’s point of conservatism not being a short-sighted “anti-Obama” movement, but a movement of “pioneers of the future” rather than “prisoner’s of the past”, focused universally on “the right for all Americans to rise” and be predicated upon the right to life—conservative infused policies should be aimed at creating incentives for a quality of life.

Gingrich is a man who has taken a lot of scorn. But I actually think if the conservative movement is innovated and unapologetic at running aggressively communicated campaigns—based on the above issues, conservatism can, and will, be a movement of the future.

If you’ve ever stopped along the coastal ether of this blog, you know Crede, ut intelligas has been frustrated at the “stuck in the past” culture of conservative talking points.

So, I know I liked Gingrich’s quip about conservatives being pioneers of the future. And it will be the capturing—and animating the future, which will help propel conservative victory into the future of this once, and hopefully re-animated, great republic.


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