Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Weekly Politikos



March 11

By Robert Capehert

ORLANDO — Just because President Obama won re-election does not mean political danger is safely in the rear-view mirror for the Obama White House.

A new McClatchy-Marist poll shows the young president’s poll numbers the lowest in a year—his political capital of a few months ago gone.

Sinking poll numbers offer congressional Republicans sundry options when it comes to public policy—polices directed at reducing spending, but also aimed at short and long-term governmental reform.

News of anemic polls is just another reason House Republicans would be prudent to oppose the president on ideological turf—where, at least, some legitimacy with the parties’ key constituency can be regained. Likewise, the current political climate opens up spacious avenues for Republican leadership to harness new voters determined to see systematic change in public policy.

Any muscle from Republicans will come from the parties’ leadership bench—as foreshadowed in Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) filibustering virtuosity last week. But that does not mean the party (congressional House GOP leadership) should sit by taking it on the chin.

President Obama is a nasty ideologue, and yet, it did not retard his electoral fortunes.

Republicans need to comprehend ideology is not a dirty word—particularly when that ideology is confined to the conservation of those pillars necessary of a free society—the U.S. Constitution.

As someone once said before on Crede, ut intelligas, the preservation of the U.S. Constitution is not unpopular with a majority of modern American voters—or within America, broadly considered. It is the excess of Republican rhetoric—straying far outside constitutional parameters—that is unattractive to voters. The contradictory elements of big government “conservatism,” and its cultural hegemony have weighed down the GOP in an unelectable sump.

History is informative. And it is looking at history closely, which upon reflection, offers clarity. Liberalism in the late 20th century was never the issue—the issue was modern liberalism was no longer liberal, but leftist Fabian socialism.

Obama’s bloom has faded. His policies have done a variety of damage to the private institutions that enrich and enliven our republic. Such symptoms necessitate a decreasing wealth-state, cancerous increases in poverty, and less opportunity for improvement amidst broader spectrums of American society.

What will be important for Republicans to do is educate the American people  about why progressive ideological convictions—ones underlining Barack Obama’s thoughts—are antithetical to free societies and the meritocracy of America’s founding.

Such opportunities come often enough.

Just yesterday morning, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, statist blow-hard Mr Donny Deutsch was lambasting supply-side economics—supported by another Keysian babe out of her depth and off her medications.

Former Republican Chairman Michael Steele ably defended portions of supply-side economics, but failed to knock out his statist agitators. The idea was put across by our feral statist friends that conservatives merely whine about a simple-minded notion of self-reliance.

In other words, idealism on steroids—decoupled from reality. But this is a straw men caricature of immense inaccuracy.

The MSNBC statists (forward, always) went on to say that people need help—so we damn better think anew. It would be nice if Republicans would put an end to such fetid excreta loosed from the orifice of a statist mecca, i.e., the Democratic Party

Whether one is glancing around at Dr Milton Friedman or Frederich Hayek, supply-side proponents have never based their economic theories on self-reliance, but historical and empirical economic and market place datum—and also, that because men and women are not islands, but people of mutual communion, supply-side economics are rationally situated.

Supply-side economics situate within the realities of men and women through self-interest, providing goods and services to their community members. Pursuing one’s own path enables—both financially and culturally—neighbours and others the economic incentive and opportunities, regardless of race, class, or sex—to increase prospects based upon individual, community, needs and desires.

The aim by statist prigs like those using up quality oxygen on MSNBC, are regressive. And Republicans must make that argument. Progressives assume it is only they that want societal improvement while at the same time dismantling those particular instruments people and communities need for improvement.

Furthermore, it should be argued by classical liberals always, the main ingredient fomenting American decline is at root in the progressive ideological pursuit to disengage our societal structures from the people—creating proletarian transformation—creating impoverishment and dismantling incentives for individual choices, netting individual consequence. Such individual journeys are the school of life—a necessary clinic for self-improvement.

Submission to reality is the natural maturation of productive peoples.  And when the right to choose is removed in society generally, the class and quality of community (and communities are made up of individuals), is impeded.

One glimpses the illness of our society most strikingly in America’s cultural products—once opulent and mulatto textured, and now largely diaphanous and without purpose. A healthy and diverse society creates the same kind of characteristics in its cultural byproducts.

Our cultural byproducts are not diverse, but strafed with hegemony—timorous in aesthetic.

One should realise the decline of Barack Obama is also evident in American decline. It is the celebration and electoral success of President Obama which illuminates the downward spiral of American society.  American can do better. The people are looking for a leader. They chose Barack Obama again because the alternative to President Obama was in spirit and tone no more attractive than Obama’s failed policies.

The Republican Party made large mistakes, as well. And they will have to be corrected and consistently applied in order win back national support. Such circumstances will not announce themselves if the GOP continues to run from substance opposition to policies and ideas lifted from progressive platitudes—far and away outside the confines of ontological boundaries.

President Obama can be defeated politically. His legislative agenda can be put on ice. But Republicans in the House and Senate will have to acquire backbone and intestinal fortitude does make the deference.

Republicans, led by Kentucky senator Rand Paul, took an attractive first-step in reshaping and rethinking their ideological convictions. And it appears when they do the circumstance is attractive and electorally successful in the imagination of the voting public.

What’s more, it illumines for Republicans a substantive acreage to make a strong ideological transition from the old and unworkable to the new and freedom inducing.


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