Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Weekly Politikos



March 10

By Robert Capehert

RESIDENT Uncle Tom, Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post, weighed in on Kentucky senator Rand Paul’s momentous filibuster performance. Robinson—as if it matters—came out, agreeing with Mr Paul’s basic concerns about domestic drone use by the Obama administration. The issue, says Robinson, could use some clarity.

Okay. Robinson still holds that Rand Paul is an “archconservative” kook.

Whatever that means.

One cannot think Mr Paul is any more of a kook than Robinson—a statist Negro, unable to consider the government’s ineffectiveness in areas of national life, large and small—still desirous of more federal control over life and property.

Robinson’s panegyric ceases to change, despite government causing market dislocations—accelerating the atrophy of upward mobility and fiscal wellbeing for America.

Robinson wrote,

Rand Paul was right. There, I said it.

The Republican senator from Kentucky, whom I’ve ridiculed as an archconservative kook — because that’s basically what he is — was right to call attention to the growing use of drone aircraft in “targeted killings” by staging a nearly 13-hour filibuster on the Senate floor.

Paul did it the old-fashioned way, by talking and talking until exhaustion or the call of nature compelled him to cease. There are easier ways for a senator to hold up a piece of business — in this case, the nomination of John Brennan as CIA director — and Paul knew that a rare “talking” filibuster would be hard to ignore. 

Progressives always presume they hold the distinction of defining definition. Who and what they say, is alas, reality. Robinson is no exception. He presumes Rand Paul an archconservative, thus Mr Paul is a kook.

No need to get into constitutional matters, right Eugene? One must ask, is defense of the U.S. Constitution—the basis of U.S. law—the acreage of the kook?

Robinson does a lot of spurious spit balling on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, but I’ve heard nothing come out of his mouth worth an educated ear. Worse, Robinson is a half-assed chucklehead—assuming if one does not entertain his take on political actualities, sooner rather than later, such a person will confess his heretical views—allowing for agreement with Eugene’s essential points.

Name-calling by progressives often means those who are conservative are doing something right. The bottom line—Rand Paul was effective during his rampaging filibuster. The future of the GOP belongs to men and women of Mr Paul’s persuasion. Negroes like Eugene Robinson better get used to it—realising of course, that a fusion between (conservative, slash libertarian, ideas)—are the greatest threat to progressive policies.

Given progressivism’s track record on race—on civil liberties, on defending individual sovereignty—it should be presumed by all free-thinking Americans Eugene Robinson himself (ever intoxicated by big government) is the kook.


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