Mr Robert Luke Capehert, Weekly Politikos



March 10

By Robert Capehert

ONE of the beautiful things about a free society is one does not suffer unduly for making a horse’s ass of oneself.

A good example of this tendency, involves gun control Nazis caught buying, um, assault rifles. I don’t begrudge a man or woman buying an assault rifle and ammunition for sport—or self-defense. A society well armed, is a more polite society.

Still, the tendency for leftist progressives to restrict constitutional freedoms (except when it comes to their freedoms), is an increasing madness that classical liberals need to start exploiting—a necessary exploitation in defending constitutional rights and freedoms.

Mark Kelly, gun-control advocate, and husband to former congressional Rep. Gifford’s, is in the pursuit of firepower.

A .45, and used AR-15, apparently.

What a horse’s ass.

I’ve shot an AR-15 and numerous .45 handguns. If one has the funds ready, I’d recommend the purchasing of such glorious self-defense instruments pronto. What needs to be denounced is Mr Kelly’s mission to disarm his fellow law-abiding citizens.

Crede, ut intelligas wishes Ms Gifford a speedy recover. Her shooting at the hands of a murderous hun-bastard was evil. But her condition (and the condition of countless other law-abiding citizens) is not protected by disarmament.

All empirical studies defend such propositions.


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