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By David Beilstein

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program earlier today, commenting on Sen. Rand Paul’s (Ky.) 13-hour filibuster.

According to Mr Schmidt, the question becomes the viability of Rand Paul’s conservative, libertarian fusion—and whether such an ideological marriage will take root in the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.

It should be said the modern conservative movement—having experienced parturition under William F Buckley, Jr. and Frank Meyer—be a conservatism of national prowess.

Likewise, the fusion between conservatism and libertarianism strains created Barry Goldwater’s candidacy. And while  Sen. Goldwater would be soundly defeated by President Johnson in 1964, the Arizona senator’s ideological convictions would set a template for Ronald Reagan’s successful campaign for the presidency in 1980.

Reagan would be one of the most successful ideological conservatives of modernity. Furthermore, fusionism was a key characteristic of the late Buckley’s mission as a political player, and founder of National Review magazine.

Glancing into the past only proves that ideological fusion (between libertarianism and conservatism)—is able to rally large groups of classical liberals together—creating a conservatism, which upon reflection, cannot be limited to regional borders.

Government must be brought into constitutional balance. As such, the party that seeks to use classical liberal ideas to animate, conserve, and guard against tyranny, must be a national party.

The Morning Joe players being who they are—ideological progressives for the most part—seemed to desire to throw big government conservatism, against the fusionism of Kentucky senator’s Rand Paul’s ideology.

But big government “conservatism” was never conservative.

It’s an oxymoronic term.

One of the contributors on Morning Joe asked Mr Schmidt if a conservatism disavowing peeking in bedroom windows by big government—desirous to rid government from private life, would be an electorally successful position.

Mr Schmidt seemed to indicate it could be.

Needless to say, a conservatism that seeks eyeball rights into the private affairs of men and women and their property, but dismisses government intrusion elsewhere, like ObamaCare—is not conservative.

It’s also arbitrary and against the spirit of constitutional reasoning.

It’s why folks like Rick Santorum (amongst others) should be ridden out of the GOP, face down on a horse.

Other Morning Joe commentators indicated that Rand Paul’s brand of conservatism stood for civil liberties, while some phantom conservatism of the “old guard”, did not.

It’s nice to be a windbag.

But all true conservatism is a conservator of the U.S. Constitution, hence is automatically protective of civil liberties.

One cannot truly be conservative and dismiss civil liberties.

Just because some “big government conservatives” dismissed civil liberties, makes them neither prudent nor conservative, in any real sense.

In our day, defense of civil liberties are routinely thought to be the acreage of progressive concerns—but in fact, progressivism is diminutive of civil liberties broadly, unless opportunistic avenues can be exploited.

Like when a Republican occupies the Oval Office, circa 2001-2009.

Rand Paul took a strong step-forward, refocusing the ideological distinctions between progressives and conservatives, alike.  His efficacious effort—as stated earlier—was one of the best communicative actions, explicating conservative, libertarian ideas, in the past 25 years.

It’s why Mr Paul was attacked by those in the GOP unable to fathom the actuality of limiting government—reducing its role in individual life. But the Old Guard who attacked Sen. Paul already proved their neglect of constitutional fealty long ago.

One should see little reason to listen to Old Guard Republicans. They helped create our current morass.

Mr Paul’s brand of  fusionism could mean a bright future and rebirth for conservative Republicans—a return to classical liberal convictions actually effective in beginning the hard work of rolling back government and roiling progressive leftist ideas from percolating.

One can hope the Kentucky senator continues to impress.

And lead.


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