by David Beilstein

I knew it was coming, I just was not sure when.

Radio god, and provocative entertainer, Rush Limbaugh said it finally; he said,

“Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country.”

Honestly, that emotion should have been ringing long ago in popular conservative environs. To be blunt, we have a nation less free, with too many laws; with an increasingly and illiberal police state approaching. Once the engine of innovation and economic muscle, we are now bankrupt and economically enfeebled. We have citizens—two idiotic, fascist Democratic representatives in Washington state—micturating on a free society, writing laws allowing police into private homes to “check” citizen’s guns.

The law will not pass, God Willing. But it never should have been flirted with. Never written, never seen the light of day, in a nation fooling itself it is free.

Any questions progressives are liberals—properly understood—should be canceled as soon as one is done reading this. They are an illiberal pack of tyrants, soft or hard, it matters little. While my anger is kindled mightily at leftist progressives, it is also aimed at an ineffective pack of morons residing in the GOP; a so called Constitutional-minded rabble, ineffective and worse, with no ability to communicate the simple arithmetic of free minds and markets.

Instead, we get ineffective keening’s to a golden-age ante—prissy attitudes toward all manner of things; and fear of offense. Fear of offending statists; men and women who seek to limit individual autonomy and property, and who cheer and holler as liberty and freedom go the way of the dodo bird. Worse still, overall, Republicans accept the premise of the left—Government as religious institution, and giver and taker of the people’s individual property and abilities.

With the economy in the commode, and nothing being done to create innovation, rising wages, and market expansion, the sale of America and national greatness by conservatives, is a hard sell to make.

Whoever coupled bankruptcy and feeble-mindedness with the word greatness anyway?

Perhaps, in light of our national nightmare, a new age awaits. One where a consistent approach to free minds and markets—in contradistinction to progressive tyranny—has bloomed. One where an in depth and expansive classical liberalism is heeded, stuck to, and argued for—one unafraid of the battle that awaits between those of freedom, and those of statist slavery.


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