Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics



by David Beilstein

Someone once said, hell is the impossibility of reason.

If there is some truth there, having Barack Obama as president of these United States is a kind of penultimate hell. The man has run rough shot over the U.S. Constitution in large and small ways – the commerce class, 1st and 14th Amendment, – the list goes on.

It gets worse. Mr Obama won reelection by almost a landslide. And it did not matter much he was supposed to have lost and would have had the GOP and the Romney campaign not copied Thomas Dewey’s 1948 campaign tactics.

When I read the story documenting Tagg Romney’s testimony his father did not even want to run for president I must admit I almost lost it. At the same time, I can’t imagine another Republican candidate doing any better minus a young and sensible Ron Paul archetype (domestically speaking). I think such a candidacy could have gone quite far because it had consistency and legitimacy on many levels with the kind of diverse groups of people needed to win the presidency. It didn’t happen. Ron Paul – like to many libertarians – had whacky views on foreign policy and even weirder racial connections. He would have been eaten alive against Mr Obama’s machine.

But the GOP would do well to revise its platform around Dr Paul and Gary Johnson’s domestic agendas. If that ruffles some GOP feathers than the copying of the Cato Institute’s political platform would work just as well.

With Mr Obama set to attack the Second Amendment now – along with goofball Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, an impossibility of reason approaches.

We live in increasing dangerous times – more tyranny and less freedom for all.

As big a fan I am of Mark Steyn, I must admit I thought his recent books about American collapse were a little apocalyptic. But the stitching on the fastball these days seems to indicate Mr Steyn – a large brained writer for sure – is onto something immense.

Immense is not always good. It depends what exactly is immense.

But the individual American has to stick with the program. Good unexpected things happen in life. There are good and bad seasons in all of life. We can pray for a good season after a long winter. It’ll take some work. But good things take time and big things have small beginnings. We need to keep stepping – as Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson once boasted.


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