Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics



by David Beilstein

President Barack H Obama proposed a $500 million plan at curbing gun violence at a Wednesday press conference, aimed at keeping children safe. The president’s proposals to Congress offer the most sweeping gun legislation in two decades.

The point Mr Obama said, “This is how we will be judged.”

Given that the proposals give wide latitude for state mental health associations to curb the freedoms of some individuals (putting individuals on long lists and handing them over to the Federal behemoth) one wonders what happened to the liberal outcry of unchecked government power, and restricted individual liberty?

The $500 million dollar proposal is already a bust. It simply restricts more and more individual freedom. Is it Constitutional for the government to decide what freedoms Americans enjoy – what ones they do not?

Of course, the response from House Speaker John Boehner’s office was moronic. Absent was any statement about the right to keep and bear arms was protected by the Second Amendment and was by extension a consequence of the First Amendment.

The right to life and property – of free minds and markets – necessities the right to defend and protect those rights with available means. That means owning guns, knives – whatever the user is more comfortable with.

And Republicans wonder why their not being elected?

In other news, CBS’ Bob Schieffer’s been making nonsense again. The CBS Face The Nation anchor opened his mouth and confirmed it is time for him to hang up the lavaliere microphone by intimating President Obama’s taking on the nation’s mightiest gun lobby – the National Rifle Association – was like taking on the Nazis.

Remember, Mr Schieffer is not a Democratic Party hack – he’s a journalist.

Unfortunately for Mr Schieffer, history does include factuality. It was the Nazi Party who was not only socialistic and leftist but widely disarmed its citizens, especially the Jewish element. Funny how supposed liberals are restricting so many freedoms and their policies are so alike the policies of past tyrannical governments.

Funny squared, is how comfortable and fuzzy this pack of progressive petards are with unchecked government and restricted liberties of all kinds… all things liberals are supposed to fight tooth and nail against.

It was always a mistake calling modern socialistic progressives liberal. They are illiberal. And the Obama administration and its rack of apologists illustrate the point more and more. Day-in-day-out. Freedom is okay to them – make no mistake. But it depends who you are. If you’re not a moonbat or parked shoulder to shoulder with the cultural elite, your freedom continues to be more and more restricted.

All for the children of course. It’s working in Chicago so well, we might as well try it nation-wide.


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