Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics



by David Beilstein

From The Washington Post comes some evidence a previous blog entry of mine about why the National Rifle Association is so successful – while other conservative political groups seem to be losing influence – landed square on the nose.

The group has learned the virtues of being a single-issue organisation with a very simple take on that issue. The NRA keeps close track of friends and enemies, takes names and makes lists. In the halls of power, it works quietly behind the scenes. It uses fear when necessary to motivate supporters. The ultimate goal of gun-control advocates, the NRA claims, is confiscation and then total disarmament, leading to government tyranny.

In past columns I have suggested the conservative movement attached at the neck with a cultural-uniformity paradigm within the modern GOP – taking strident positions on issues not addressed in the U.S. Constitution – is a case of a political party biting off more than it can chew – more than any political party ought to be chewing.

Worse. It’s simply unattractive – warring against a political party that advertises itself as faithful to the Constitution (nationally) and nothing but the Constitution.


That the Post feature is in no way friends to the politics of the NRA is unimportant. The article does a good job understanding the why’s and how’s of NRA political fortunes continuing to rise, while the fortunes of conservative politics within the GOP – up against a failed and incompetent Democratic leadership and presidential administration – could not be worse.

Single issues.

The NRA focuses on one overall point. Men and women have the right to keep and bear arms – a natural outflow of individual sovereignty and property rights.

Hopefully the Republican Party and conservatives are listening.

I doubt it. Look at John Boehner.


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