Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics



by David Beilstein

But Barack Obama can.

After throwing a barrage of punches at Republicans for lacking “diversity” – [which evidently worked on Nov. 6] – the American public is fed pictures confirming President Obama’s administration is more white than ever – far more than George W Bush’s administration – the vaunted evil emperor of a few years ago.

Progressives, like Mr Obama, have always been dodgy, hyperventilating Lilliputians pent up about the consequences of a free society.

One of those consequences happens to be freedom of association.

People like to be around like-minded individuals. Human nature. Many people like to be around people of the same culture as themselves – again, human nature.

But since that does not lead to merry-go-around, holding hands utopian ideals – progressives don’t like it.

Progressives get a pass it seems, also, because their main political party outlet – the Democratic Party – receives unprecedented loyalty from America’s minority communities.

Still, there is a difference between support and actual representation.

Much of the success of the progressive movement results from the vapid representation of an alternative ideological stance represented by another political entity. Republicans for too long have lapped up progressive premises rather than using time and opportunity to shoot holes through those premises.

Progressive premises about diversity being one of them. A top to bottom statist Federal Beast is one way of ensuring a serious lack of diversity in political representation. But mainline conservatism seems to have as much anti-bodies against Federalism as does statist progressives.

How many Republicans, how many so-called conservatives celebrated Colorado’s state-wide decisions?

Diversity is preserved by freedom. And freedom is enhanced locally, not nationally. It’s why we have the system we have in American governance. It would be easier to stomach Barack Obama if he did not have the temperament of a hard shell Baptist – but he does.

And it is unpleasant in many another ways. Obama, big ears and all, is stubbornly simple-minded.

True, Republicans have no idea how to speak to individuals – minority or not. They don’t know how to speak to anyone. But that only perpetuates the impoverishment of our political and cultural give-and-take.

Good things take time. But the fundamentals have to be there. The opposition to our nation’s statist creep is missing those fundamentals, and seriously so.


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