by David Beilstein

Gun control is working great in the Windy City.

And the Obama administration appears to be flirting with making what is universal in Chicago applicable across the fruited plains of the American republic.

Never mind the victims. In this case, a 14 and 15 year-old – gunned down in cold blood. Gun legislation in Chicago has simply made it easier to make victims of the living – aiding free citizens an easier ride to the undiscovered country.

The two shootings were apart of a shooting spree that left six teenagers wounded. The 15-year-old victim was murdered while standing on his porch.

Restricting gun rights for law-abiding citizens will not solve this murderous rampage. Neither it seems, will increased police presence. Since this is the case, one might desire to know the reasons for the Obama administration’s moving forward with possible groundbreaking legislation against guns?

Government power to impose its will on mere plebeians, seems apt.

Make no mistake, folks. Plebeians (or serfs) is what formerly free men and women become when government grows so massive, rights to life and property are systematically dismissed and impugned. People cease being men and women, but numbers. Statistics. Government then herds these numbers like goats or cows.

There is ample evidence these  latest shooting victims – unable because of thugs to reach manhood – were black children. Each had aspirations and unique personalities and experiences.

Now they’re just numbers – just two more dead in a senseless spiral of thug violence in a city determined to keep guns out of everybody’s hands.

Can someone say not working?

Ironically, the shooting rampage in Chicago follows President Obama’s signing into law – reversing a late 90’s decision – putting back on the table life-time protection for former presidents, their spouses, and the children of the first couple, up to age 16.

The old progressive adage live as they say, not as they do, is upon us once again. Well armed men are good enough for the president but damn American citizens who might think of arming themselves against senseless murderous thugs.

Never mind, too, the U.S. Constitution makes specific provision for self-armament. The second-amendment. All of this could have been avoided. A mere 507,000 voters sprinkled throughout several states would have sent President Obama and blowhard Vice-President Biden packing.

But no.

And so, the madness continues. Our government seeks to make the madness more universal by pressing upon the American people an interpretation of Constitutional law that would not pass muster in a 5th grade political science class.

We could hope reason and sanity grips the young coffee-bean coloured president. But I’m not in a hope and change kinda mood. There is not a lot hope or change given from morons.

Our government is not working.

There is also a Constitutional answer to that.


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