intellego ut credam, Politics, Status quaestionis



by David Beilstein

We have all heard it before – elections have consequences.

I’m dubious. As much as I throw punches at Republicans, I believe had Mitt Romney attained the presidency these tax hikes on payroll income would have been avoided.

A majority of the American voting public has become moronic. They voted for these tax increases because they voted for the status quo – meaning, they voted for a big bloated spend-adrift government anchored in the worst kind of statist progressivism. Strangely, working folk are now surprised.

Like the tom cat dude who goes from one woman’s bedding chamber to the next woman’s boudoir – and is shocked to discover upon a health clinic visit the pain he experiences when urinating stems from a venereal disease – American workers now experience with disgust the consequence of dumb-ass Dodo Bird decisions concerning electoral politics.

Actions too, have consequences. Voting is an action. Government has become ravenous under progressive leadership – headlined by Barack Hussein Obama. Therefore, recent clamour and complaint about reduced pay checks – less damn money in people’s pockets – receives little sympathy from this stoutly classical liberal.

Norman Mailer once wrote he was running for president in the privacy of his own mind for years. I concur the same kind of emotional leverage grips my small but fertile brain.

And I can assure those of high and low income – your taxes have increased because your government is a fraud and sucking the life and treasure – [your property] – from your hands.

And a majority of Americans voted for it.

Your work – that is, larger portions of your property will go to government when charlatans like Barack Obama are elected and worse, reelected. There was a chance to correct that oversight.

The people fumbled the ball.

Americans got just desserts for their decision on Nov. 6.


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