Alex Jones: Fraud and Huckster, artium and moribus, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics



by David Beilstein

I’m a curious man.

I did a search on Crede, ut Intelligas for “Rick Santorum”. I discovered to my chagrin – seriously – I mention his name as an epitome of a counterfeit conservatism Ad nauseam. Santorum is that bad but one should try not to repeat himself. Try, I mean. Part of me feels somewhat derelict (in editing) about letting this oversight go. But part of me also sees Mr Santorum as a clear-eyed illustration of what is wrong with conservatism and what is even more wrong with the Republican Party.

Still, enough is enough. I’ve now laid upon my conscious not to mention the former senator of Pennsylvania for the next couple months. That’s right.

Which got me thinking. I have written quite a bit about the need to kick fundamentalism out of Republican and conservative ranks for a long time. There is two kinds of  fundamentalism on the so-called right  – both equally contrary to classical liberalism.

One is represented by the former senator of Pennsylvania – the other, is, Alex Jones. Alex Jones does not sound like a fundamentalist to some readers. He’s not a bible thumper – he’s not Jerry Falwell pint up about a good tasting adult beverage.

But he is a fundamentalist of a kind – one harmful to understanding classical liberalism rightly. And so, respectfully [and in print only] Crede, ut Intelligas will look forward to kicking Alex Jones’ ass all over the ether for the next several months.

He’s a blowhard. His being right in some common sense areas does not justify his insolence. In fact, I will be harsh enough with Alex Jones I will dedicate a category to his hucksterism.

You read it here first: Alex Jones, fraud and huckster. 



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