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by David Beilstein

Melissa Harris Perry seems to presume all blacks are the same; servants of big government. The MSNBC commentator indicated Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas does not represent black people in America.

The optics are one piece of it of it. But, I think we want to be careful, because no one wants to assume that any given physical body carries with it a set of political ideas, so for example, you know, Clarence Thomas sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States does not mean that Justice Thomas is representing, necessarily, the positions, the issues, even the Constitutional interpretation that is shared by the vast majority of civil rights organisations and by the vast majority of African-Americans.

In one sense, Ms Perry is correct. Justice Thomas does not represent any group of people but the U.S. Constitution. In doing so, he represents [accurately more or less] the legal parameters giving inalienable rights to all men and women of all races – something progressivism’s past sought to dismantle.

A typical progressive hack, Ms Perry presumes to speak for a race of millions of individuals – with unique experiences and talents – of world-views and religious and non-religious affections.

Such is the tilt of progressive thinking. Individuals become groups – lacking individual uniqueness. And so, black peoples interests lie firmly with motives to empower more and more impersonal statism. Missing in all this hub-drub is the unique periscope of the U.S. Constitution. It is a document expressing the freedom of the individual – in doing so, it frees individuals and their unique cultures and attitudes toward large and small matters.

Quite the opposite turn of events followed progressivism. Darling Woodrow Wilson – one of the Godfather’s of the progressive movement – stormed into office and segregated the entire Federal Government. Progressivism as a movement sought enormous racial policies from segregation to the sterilisation of black people.

How that was good for the civil rights movement Ms Perry did not explain. She’s still sitting on the truth somewhere – having forgotten where she put it.

The progressive empire now percolating amidst minority communities and political leadership is cause to a great wash of regression – impacting most severely minority members. Those minorities are less free and more imprisoned by an intrusive state because statism has reduced the cultural capital for those communities to advance upward and outward, culturally and economically.

It would be nice to see a comprehension of progressivism by Ms Perry before she decided to opine on matters she is ignorant about. Just because progress is in the word progressivism – does not make progress happen.

Classical liberals could begin nicknaming progressivism accurately – as it has helped dismantle large and small minority communities creating separate but equal circumstances in many parts of the American nation.

A vote for progressivism – no matter one’s race – is a vote for regression.

Just ask Ms Perry.


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