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by David Beilstein

Statists win. They win elections, but more importantly, statist’s end up winning the turf war too – the premises upon which ideological debate depends. For almost twenty years, Republicans have been playing what I call the blame game. Things are good when Republicans are in office, things are bad (or will be bad) when Democrat’s hold leadership power.

One can see the problem with this. The American people of late have decided things were really bad under the most recent Republican administration, and congressional leadership – and things have not been robust under Republican leadership for almost 30 years.

Consequently, it’s been 21 years (almost) since the United States was in a military conflict overseen by a Republican administration that dropped the hammer and did not mess around. Few causalities, a short-term conflict, etc.

It’s been even longer when Republicans claiming to be conservative echoed Barry Goldwater – an individual can pursue his life’s course in any direction, so long as he does not impede the inalienable and legal rights of others.

Instead, a rank fundamentalism has taken hold of the GOP. Government seeks to enforce (under blistering wind power) uniform values in opposition to a diverse society with vagaries of religious and non-religious belief. Religion has been used by the Republican Party to gather a social gospel rabble – completely disconnected from the historical-redemptive parameters inherent in Sacred Scripture. The Christian religion no longer is the business of Church – from which Christ instituted it, but the social conscious evangelical.

Meanwhile, all the problems such attempts were rallied for have failed. And more and more non-religious citizens have become as clueless about religion as the proper confines of the Federal Government. When someone answers how this has conserved more personal freedom, limited tyrannical state power – I’m all ears.

Such a person has their work cut out for them.

Fundamentalism has wrecked the proper distinctions between the Church, faith, and the state; and mired conservative politics in the effluvium of paternalism. Since this is the case, since the wrong battles have been fought, the American people have chosen the Democratic Party instead of a party intimating classical liberal consistency.

And the Democratic Party is a far left, progressive party. A statist party. Yet, no opposition exists. No reasonable one. In a free society, fundamentalism is never an attractive option.

It took years to get here – it’ll take years to exit.


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