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by David Beilstein

There is a lot of talk about Barack Obama being a leftist radical.

Such talk is often maligned as right-wing propaganda, the hot gas of racist Americans who just cannot stand a brown-skinned man in the White House. This talk, often the product of Chris Matthews-like charlatans, was the heft and weight of the media’s coverage for President Obama’s first term. Mr Matthews does an awful lot of race baiting for a peckerwood so committed to one of the most racist, tyrannical, ideologies American society produced.

Facts being what they are, Obama’s first term was lousy – brown skin, or any skin colour. His policies failed and though this was a unmitigated fact, the raptor-armed president was awarded a second term. The inability of Republicans to make that case on stark ideological grounds does not vindicate Obama.

They are two different issues.

But recent events, concerning attacks upon the second Amendment, foreshadow a president who is not simply incompetent – but dangerous. Obama is not simply incompetent; he is ugly and tyrannical. Add to that, Obama’s coquetry with an executive order to pass anti-gun legislation, and it’s enough to worry free, sovereign individuals.

We could dip-dive into so-called conservatives like Andrew Sullivan, who is having what seems a love affair with Obama. Mr Sullivan can announce all day he is a true conservative, unshackled from the fundamentalism enrapturing too much of the public face of political conservatism.

Still, Mr Sullivan has too much to explain – even with his unique, eloquent skills – to defend Obama’s positions. A conservative critique of President Obama is just as plausible as one made against the Bush administration’s profligate spending. Mr Sullivan made an magniloquent case against Dubya. But he has nothing tears-of-joy and admiration for Mr Obama.

Who knows what Mr Sullivan’s position is on guns? Whether it remains a classical liberal position, one doubts.

But such would be good to keep in mind: if you cannot protect your property (which includes your life), says the U.S. Constitution – Americans are free in name only. Such a pursuit (executive orders against guns) of the Obama administration threatens the fabric of civil society, giving parturition to the kind of civil disruption not seen for generations.

Life can be largely ironic. Millions upon millions of Americans are buying guns. They have been buying guns by the bushel since Obama took office, January 2009. But Republicans could not get a measly 500,000 American voters (more impoverished, more fearful since Obama’s term began) in battleground states to turn Obama out of office.

Strange occurrences, really. The cultural anti-bodies for civil unrest germinate. And Mr Obama is delighted to stoke those fires for progressive aims. Progressive dominance. Sure, some of the fault lies with an American public deluded to a large degree, politically. But a good portion belongs at Republican’s doorsteps – for not aggressively articulating the resultant society bleeding internally from tyrannical legislation. As we have seen, historically, and in our own time – progressive progress is a step backwards, not forwards – for individuals, families, and diverse factions of Americans.

No congressional or high elected voice of opposition, now, speaks to this reality. The least the GOP could do – not that anyone is listening to them – is make a hard case for property rights, including the right to bear and keep arms. We live in dangerous times, here and abroad. We have a government aggressively moving against the will of the people (to an extent) on many another weighty matters.

Less we forget, Obama has not even been sworn in for his second-term yet. That becomes the nation on Jan. 20, 2013.

Dereliction of duty mounts high cost. And many more people, unbeknownst to their individual orbits, suffer severely in such climates. The most at risk are the downtrodden and the poor – made more vulnerable by progressive policies, not less.


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