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By David Beilstein

Sweeping anti-Second Amendment gun laws are coming down the pike from a pack of progressive misfits. On the eve of such legislation, an opportunity presents itself for me to point out my attacks upon the Republican Party stem not from progressive ideological presumptions, but classical liberal ones.

My prolonged animus toward the Republican Party is because their politics cause them to be unelectable – and being unelectable – statists are elected in their stead.

Statists create massive statist laws – reducing individual freedom and sovereignty; both are internally connected to the right of citizens of this great land to own and purchase and use guns to protect life and property.

But when Republicans are perceived to be worse than Democrats we have large problems. We now look down a dimly lit corridor where the reaction to criminal behaviour is one which will (again) effect those obeying laws, not breaking them.

Our government has become worthless. Why?

Precisely because it seeks to manage and rule over things people it has no right to; for government in the Founder’s vision did few things well.

Like many another issue, Republicans have failed to connect the Second Amendment as a natural outgrowth of private property rights. Thus, the debate is one of one superficial point-of-view to another. What this does is leave room for sentimentality to rule the roost. Along comes a public shooting and with no in depth case made connecting gun rights to the right of life and property, we can see why such anti-gun legislation becomes more tempting to more legislators.

This is what happens when the face of individual liberty and property rights becomes Rick Santorum and a pack of evangelical authoritarian misfits – more incensed by contraceptives than the right of the people to exercise their own search for happiness so long as it does not impede the rights of others.

It’s going to be a long four years with this crowd. Obama and his ilk are of Republican making. It hurts to say it, but it hurts more experiencing it.


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