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By David Beilstein

Former senator of Nebraska, Chuck Hagel, took the same position on the worsening Iraq War as arch conservative and National Review founder William F Buckley, Jr. But some how I doubt conservatives will label Buckley a sell-out for coming out against the Iraq War before his death.

Certainly, William F Buckley, Jr is not the epitome of being conservative – but he’s damn close. At least in terms of the modern American conservative movement. And Buckley critised neo-conservative thinking in large and small ways. Buckley’s reasons for opposing the Iraq War after first supporting it (as did Hagel) were informed and reflective.

They were based upon long-hold convictions conservatives have echoed for generations. Men and nations have their limits, being a primal one. I’m no fan of Chuck Hagel. I’m even less of a fan of Barack Obama. But I try not to deny reality. And neo-conservative aims to use the U.S. Military to change the world – while shackling troops with ungodly; and unwise rules of engagement has created an America unable to win wars decisively.

Buckley understood this. He saw the mess Iraq was becoming – bad war planning, worse tactics; needless death. Senator Hagel echoed those same sentiments and was ambushed by the right for not going along to get along. But going along was becoming untenable. It was the damn wrong direction.

It should be no surprise – and Buckley believed this – Republicans aren’t always right. Not in this orbit. And just because Democratic policies are awful does not make Republican ones better.



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