Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics, Status quaestionis



By David Beilstein

OBVIOUSLY President Obama is inept; a brisk sort of brat – but it looks like old Barry was able to scratch out a deal with those pesky moronic Republicans to avoid the fiscal cliff for two months. Says these guys. Of course, there is this, and then this, too.

The pleonasm of warning over the fiscal cliff has been the Obama administration’s version of the bolo punch: look here, while I knock you ass-over-tea cup with my other hand. The political debate over the fiscal cliff is more a trojan horse sort of move; one designed so the plebeians of this Republic cannot perceive the operations of the doddering old cocker behind the curtain.

Of course, we must go easy on the GOP congressional leadership because they are stuck between a statist chinless wonder and their own electoral/ideological misdirections. Still, I recognise as a libertarian my views of government and its duties are not furthered when the Republicans are out in the cold, asses twisting in the bitter chill.

I’ve said it before and its worth repeating: libertarians and classical conservatives have no chance being elected to high office in the Democratic Party. You’ve got a better chance of seeing a svelte Elvis descend upon Madison Square Garden for a comeback performance this coming February. The Republican Party, unless utterly destroyed, will be the go-to party for classical liberals to be elected to high office. That’s not a personal like or a prediction – but the truth right now.

And it’s something folks like me are going to have to understand.

So why write about it?

We preach best what we need to learn, goes the wisdom of old; that wisdom being one of many “best practises” of the enlightenment model, something a classical liberal of my weight and heft seeks to conserve.

How about potus? Obama wins through this whole fiscal ruction because he is an incompetent who has been reworded with four more years. That’s not such a good thing – not for those who did not vote for him; not for those who did. This can be laid at the feet of the American people. But there also is room to ask Where, O Where, is an opposition party of substance?

We could peek-a-boo over the Potomac, across the grounds where the monument rises – over the mall, coming in on the U.S. Capital in Washington, DC., finding John Boehner (R-OH) and his fat ass suit and tie, crying. But that would only snatch a congested giggle… cause it’s all so unserious. The serious folks amidst this debate are aware fiscal cliff or not – our government is spending more than globally possible, and orgasmic about dominating its citizens and ruining it’s civil society by dereliction and statist intrusion. We have pressed the gas when the brake was the correct mood. And America did it by wide majorities.

The fiscal matter is a smokescreen; it’s not about problem solving; it never was. It is about – and will continue to be unless severe political change arises – power.  A new year is upon us. We must all do what we can; we must all go forward. Clearly, Washington is headed backward despite the warnings of the concerned and the prudent.

Crede, ut intelligas is a huge fan of the individual; of the individual’s freedom of liberty, of life and of mind and of property. It is to that end and purpose, Deo Volente, goes the future.

Happy New Year.


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