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By David Beilstein

ONE does not need to be a progressive leftist – as Adolph L. Reed, Jr., seems to be – in order to comprehend the GOP has a race issue. Mr Reed uses all the typical leftist talking points about race in a recent New York Times op-ed, discussing Representative Tim Scott, writing,

Mr. Scott’s background is also striking: raised by a poor single mother, he defeated, with Tea Party backing, two white men in a 2010 Republican primary: a son of Thurmond and a son of former Gov. Carroll A. Campbell Jr. But his politics, like those of the archconservative Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, are utterly at odds with the preferences of most black Americans.

Mr Reed figure-eights on slick excreta, trying to connect Republicans to former racists like Strum Thurmond, never mentioning the red neck haven of segregation and racism from high to low that grew and spilled over the rim of the toilet bow of the Democratic Party.

The history of the Democratic Party when it comes to race in America is worse than bad. House Negroes like Mr Reed addicted to ever-increasing government as master, can’t see this. They believe large government put black folk on the map, respectfully, when instead larger government-growing larger has enslaved Negro Americans to such an extant that not even the logic and consequence of “best practices” wins their loyalty by increasing numbers.

Race does matter. It just does not matter the way the zip coon Black Nationalist blowhards assume, nor the Uncle Tom Negro bloviating about ever-broader and intrusive government equals more liberty and self-realisation for the American Negro. Leftist politics do no such magic, gentlemens. Classical liberals ought to be the first contrarians to mark this territory with the best kind of stinging rhetoric available in the free world. And so, race is important to American identity and our various cultural environs; it goes a long way in how we understand and interact within our times. I think Ralph Ellison’s Shadow And Act and Albert Murray’s The Omni-Americans have done the best job adding to this discussion.

Negroes like Mr Reed on the other hand, are hacks, using up good air. Mr Reed is out of his mind and off his ass when he writes:

Mr. Scott has been staunchly anti-tax, anti-union and anti-abortion.

Damn. Freedom of the individual means the unborn, unless the unborn are not persons. The body of the unborn is not the property of the mother. The mother is host to another individual life.  A man can do what he wants with his own property. The notion the unborn not being persons is not old. This argument was made about slaves, too. They were not human. Further, high taxes hurt Negroes as much as whites, if not more. And unions restrict productivity, which reduces job creation – jobs being something badly needed in the black community right now. So, unless Mr Reed thinks less black people, less jobs, and less rising income and affordable cost of living arrangements are good, he is a large ass of epic proportions, having sold his race by denying verity on these issues.

Worse. Mr Reed seems to indicate here black American solidarity with the DNC is related to abortion. I think its much more plausible to assume faithfulness to the Democratic Party by Negroes has to do with a uninformed perspective on civil rights by blacks, and also, a Democratic Party that has spoken to black interests in concerns, symbolically, even while exacerbating problems within the black community in America. Alas, the State has not brought Negro Americans ashore, but increased cultural atrophy in black America. That atrophy, not white racism, is largely to blame for the American Negro’s left behind status across the American landscape. Uncle Tom’s like Mr Reed continue black cultural impoverishment by making excuses for it and enshrining worst practises from top to bottom by voting statist year in, year out.

Still, there is little alternative in the GOP worth black attention – little making this case. Santorum? Bachman? Please. Crede, ut Intelligas obviously wishes Rep. Scott success, and an editorial prayer has been offered that Mr Scott drinks deeply of classical liberal foundations for representative government and leaves what calls itself GOP politics alone. Rep. Scott can tack a new course with more broader constitutional and liberal in the classical sense mandates.

So DNC politics aren’t good for black folk one might conclude? Okay. But Republican talking points aren’t good either, it seems. GOP communication is worse than dog excrement. It would seem logical, those interested in black issues and individual liberty could use a different drum beat. We could use some talking points and presumptions arriving from men like Madison, Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton. And Let us remember this, their achievements whether intended or not put in place a system which would make slavery anathema, ushering in a more liberal, a more free nation, for all.


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