By David Beilstein

IN a previous blog entry, I threw some punches at goofball former Governor of Florida Charlie Crist. I’m aware – if some are concerned about accuracy – that Charlie Crist was an independent since 2010. And that his recent sociological conversion to the Democratic Party was from an Independent Party affiliation, not a Republican one.

This does not change much. Who cares! Crist went independent when senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) knocked him ass-to-curb in the Florida race for the U.S. Senate. If anything, Crist is a good example of how third party candidacies are doomed to fail – unless you are Bernie Sanders – a socialist schmuck of first rank hailing from that impoverished Republic of communist Vermont.

Crist’s 2010 independent tap dancing in the face of Rubio’s strong candidacy is illumining. It was there and then one could say the man known as Crist was simply about political power – not reducing its influence and caustic effect upon culture and fiscal sanity.

Crist’s march into the Democratic Party is about power. He sees the morass the GOP is in – betting on their continued irrelevance. But the man formerly of the governor’s mansion in Florida is unwise. Obama is not going to be president forever. Can’t happen. No more realistic than the author of this piece reaching 150 years old. Upcoming Democratic presidential candidates are not going to rival Obama in terms of symbolism or political alliances. They will be more like John F Kerry – a foppish Scaramouche – then of Obama’s political precision in dragging victory out of defeat Nov. 6. Consequently, Democrats will have to deal with circumstances not of the Clintonian prosperity of the 1990’s after Obama. Things will be what they are now or worse. Obama’s policies (if we live in the universe I think we do; that is a rational one) will impoverish millions; they will not work.

And they will not deal with the deficit spending of these United States.

Democrats concern about deficit spending rivals the junk food enthusiast’s concern for peas and green beans. No matter. Democrat’s are cool; they are hip in our wretched times – look at Obama. Crist wants to jump on board the populist train. I have no respect for this. If there is some wisdom to be gained – it goes something like this: the oscillating world of politics puts Crist in the position of a man making love to a three hundred pound woman.

If she rolls over on top, it’s over.

Finally, Crist is an opportunist of epic proportions. The silver-haired Benedict Arnold should be railed against daily. He should be driven and let go in Vermont – or California. And those classical liberals living and working in Florida should start dismantling his candidacy now.

It’s never too early to begin – Obama should have taught those who care that much.


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