Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics, Status quaestionis



By David Beilstein

THERE has been a strong wind coming from Republicans that President Barack Obama was simply unbeatable this November. It didn’t matter who the candidate was; how good the campaign went. Obama is a transformative political entity, and could not be defeated.

I remember several conservatives saying that was the opinion of the GOP establishment from the beginning. If what these knuckleheads mean, is, the GOP has so screwed up itself – then okay, I can get on board with such logic, as Obama did win.


If what is meant, however, is that the GOP could not beat a vulnerable and failed incumbent president with an awful economy, well, then these clowns might want to pack up the Republican Party right now. Vulnerable candidates, whose policies accelerate decline of American quality of living should be soundly defeated.

As much as conservatives hated former President Bill Clinton – Clinton could, and did, point to an impressive economic stewardship – with growing prosperity for all. A presidency, we must come to admit, that did not saddle the American people with badly fought wars. Conservatives were wise to oppose Clinton. The former president could not keep himself from stacking the administrative state with far left progressives. The consequence of those progressives has atrophied classical liberal institutions – and conventional wisdom – going on 12 years now.

The problem is, this case was never strongly made. Clinton was opposed for being Clinton, in many regards – not based upon the far leftist policies he entrenched into the Federal Beast.

All and all, however, Americans vote broadly on two basic issues: the stability and security of foreign policy and a prosperous economy in the aggregate. Clinton, balanced by wise conservative Republicans elected in November of 1994, achieved these things. The failure of the Clinton administration concerning the threat of Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda – are well documented – is irreverent when easily more than half the country views the Republican response, the War on Terror, as worse (mismanaged wars, etc.).

It’s easy, seeing the broad threat Islamic Fascism represents, to scold the public for their rebuke of the War on Terror; but how many conservatives truly believe Americans would view the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq so unfavourable had they been won in three years; the enemy decimated and troops returned home in reasonable time frames?

The point is largely simplistic. When Republican govern the responsibility lies on them to govern wisely and to govern competently. They did not when it came to wide-sweeping areas which concerns the public confidence broadly. Hence, as bad as Obama was to voters, he was not as bad as two mismanaged wars and a financial crisis – all on the watch of Republican governance.

To conclude, then, Republicans were just supposed to lose jive is more evidence the Republican Party is unserious about fixing the structural problems within the party. Those structural problems consist of progressive ideas about foreign policy, a presumption of progressive ideas when it comes to Wilsonian ideas about a “Christian” progressive nation, and a basic surrendering of middle class values and what ills them.

Republicans could have trounced Obama. But it required different ideological principals at the base of GOP governing principals decades ago, to do so. Principals the party is too weak to muster to the political lectern.

Perhaps reality will offer a sobriety to Republicans – or perhaps not.


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