By David Beilstein

CHARLIE CRIST, the goofball former governor of Florida has become a Democrat. Such a move, as the Washington Post piece lays bare, manoeuvres Crist into position for another run at the governor’s mansion in Florida.

Being a Florida resident, that part stinks.

Still, Crist was never a classical liberal; he was always a slave of the left – ravenous for bigger and growing government. Anyone care to remember the back slapping Crist boogied too with Obama? Needless to say, it is good news to get rid of Crist for Republicans and there is no need to be sorry for the loss. Losing Crist, for the GOP, is not losing – but a small victory at a time when any victory helps.

Crede, ut Intelligas says good riddance to Charlie Crist. And while we’re on this slip of land, there is a hell of a bunch of other Republicans who need to switch to the Democratic Party. John Boehner (R-OH) comes to mind. I’d like to see that tear-jerker flip Democrat as soon as possible. The thought of it puts me in a good mood. And less we forget, how about a good percentage of Republicans in congressional leadership flipping Democrat too?

If classical liberals are going to rule the roost in the GOP; folks who aren’t classically liberal need to scoot; they need to be thrown overboard without loss of sleep.


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