By David Beilstein

OVER at my second blog, dominium, I rounded out the week posting some of the thoughts about screenwriting and movies I’ve written some 89 pages in manuscript.  I also looked at how I missed Lee Child’s character Jack Reacher, and reviewed – in some sense – Tom Wolfe’s newly released novel, Back To Blood.

Dominium will tend to be more personal than Crede, ut Intelligas. I’m hoping when time allows it will also be more light-hearted. I will do my best to link between Crede, ut Intelligas by posting updates on here. Occasionally, there will be some, some, repeated content. This will amount to nothing more than time restrain and laziness on my part. Or, I might just like something I wrote enough to post it again. However, I will do my very best to have Dominium and Crede, ut Intelligas completely different in content – to make it worthwhile to the small band of faithful readers I do have.

Dominium allows me to be more personal and peek-a-boo after other subjects – avoiding the morass of politics and getting into culture and other matters. And, hopefully – as advertised – my life in film school. So far, so good. Dominium feels like a comfy little sight and I’m pleased with it. One could complain the black theme colours is too much like Crede, ut Intelligas, but oh well. Hey, I like the colour black.

If God permits, I’ll be heading to Vermont for Christmas next week until early January. I’ll do my best to keep up blogging  up in the northern cold (eegads) and snow (exciting).

Join me then!


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