Novus Ordo Seclorum, Politics



By David Beilstein

READERS of Crede, ut Intelligas – thank God for you in advance – have come to read quite a bit of my hooking and jabbing aimed at the Republican Party of late. This, more than distressing for some, is just how it’s got to be.

There is a mighty heft to our nation’s predicament – one in which the president is a progressive radical, and worse, the Republicans lack a muscular ideological response. I cannot remember a time when Republicans were so cheesy. Though I wanted Obama defeated, I’m sympathetic to why so many classical liberal leaning voters simply stayed home Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Who would, who could, vote for this current crop of GOP pretenders? There is no passion, a lack of principals, and a total disregard for communicative grace.

Let’s peek-a-boo at the Republican environs, shall we? House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is an embarrassment. He is awful. Beyond his crying, he is useless. He should be replaced (and he won’t be) immediately. Republican leadership seeks to work with a president whose policies will not create productivity or robust job creation. Obama’s policies will etiolate middle class quality of living, stripping away the interlaced vocational apparatus people need to better themselves, financially and culturally.

A lack of a distinct argument in favour of free markets and free minds – an inability to call out past Republican governing as antithetical to such principals, has left Republicans without an attractive response to the progressive march of Obama and his lieges.

GOP response, then, is to work with the president in dismantling the very structures which give rise to vocational, economic, and cultural freedom. It’s a bad place to be in. And it appears Republicans are more than happy – like pigs in excreta – to be in such a position.

Obama is illiberal. This case was never made – nor the idea Obama double-downed on spending ideas that failed the overall complexity and enigma of the American economy. Again, the case was never made. What was said, in a more articulate manner no doubt, was the John Kerry harangue: “I can do it better.”

Didn’t work for Kerry, didn’t work for Romney. Are we surprised?

In confessional Christian circles, both Lutheran and Reformed, there is a turn of phrase summing up Christianity with the crass evangelical counter-part. Theology matters.

So does ideology, folks. Such reality is why Democrats are winning and Republicans are losing.


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