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See, I Told You So PART II


By David Beilstein

I have mentioned the knuckle-headed (Nigga) thug scowl before. Well, here it is folks – in all it’s glory. Now remember, this knuckle-headed fool, by the name of Josh Brent, is tough – he just killed a teammate, one happened to be on the Dallas Cowboys, because somehow he got ahold of a “bad ice cube” in the early morning hours, crashing his car. I’m sure it was a real nice car, too.

TMZ picks up the story from here.

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent was arrested in Texas early this morning on charges of intoxication manslaughter involving a car accident in which a teammate died … TMZ has learned.

Irving PD says Brent and a member of the team’s practice squad, Jerry Brown, were involved in a single car accident around 2:30 AM local time and that Brown died as a result.

According to police, Brent was driving at a high rate of speed when his car “hit the outside curb,” flipped over and came to rest in the middle of the road. Brent was responsive at the scene, but Brown was not. Brown was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Officers at the scene suspected alcohol to be a factor, so they gave Brent was given a field sobriety test, which he failed. His blood was also taken at the hospital to determine his blood alcohol level.

He was arrested by Irving PD and booked on a second degree felony charge at 4:14 AM and is being held without bail. 

Brent pled guilty to a misdemeanor DUI charge while in college … where he and Brown were teammates.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones released a statement today, saying, “We are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of Jerry Brown. At this time, our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with the members of Jerry’s family and all of those who knew him and loved him.”

Now why Mr Brent is scowling in this picture who the hell can know. Maybe the officer who snapped the photo was a fine looking sister, lustrous black hair, bedroom eyes. No matter.  See, the knuckle-headed thug thing never did make any sense. Does the end justify the means?

We now have another black man locked up, and another dead.  All because ghetto posturing is so cool, even for Negroes making all kinds of bank as professional athletes.

Sad, but true.


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