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By David Beilstein

BOB COSTAS had a conniption about NFL player Jovan Belcher, who shot his girlfriend, then himself, in front of team coaches, reportedly. Costas used the occasion to go after guns. It’s an old and useless dog and pony show, but one Costas, by God, has to play.

What is tragic, however, is Costas has been a defender of the violent knuckle-headed punk gun culture sweeping over too much of popular black culture, without realising it.

White progressives have for too long defended the popular knuckle-headed Nigga culture as “black” since the early 1990s.

I was there – I remember. The street styles, the mush-mouthed expression; the ever-expanding scowl – all authentic; all black. To tread against the tide was to be a racist if not black and an Uncle Tom raised in tall cotton if one was black American.

These were the same horses asses who tried to defend the LA riots as legitimate black rage and the overall perspective of the black community in total. Any middle class black criticism of the riots – aimed at showing this was a lawless riot of rebel rousers, went out-of-sight and out-of-mind from people like Costas.

Law abiding citizens had to understand. The LA Riots were the collective souls of millions of blacks reacting to large sweeping injustice. This regardless of the fact that Rodney King, a knuckle-headed criminal himself, had somehow not killed anyone the night of the beating.

Now we have a gun problem, says Costas. The problem is there is a minimum of three different cultures in which guns are a major factor and criminal violence is not an issue. Sportsmen, hunters, target shooters.

And these folks – varying in race and background – are of a completely different culture than the late Jovan Belcher imitated. Everybody gets that, but white folks cannot say a damn thing because the game was rigged by Costas and his minions decades ago. You see, squares and circles mean different things to blacks then to whites.

So, Costas being white, can’t utter a peep. Cultures cannot be the issues – that would be racist. And so, the problem becomes…guns.

The fact of the matter is Jovan Belcher was posturing – posturing as a street Nigga; too hard to oppress, and tough enough to swallow an Uncle Tom Nigga with proper diction whole if he buttered his head and pinned back his ears.

The knuckle-headed street thug is a culture of death. It’s that simple. And white progressives have promoted it and used it to further progressive aims.

Those aims, being, the marriage of the individual’s interest to the State – no matter the cost. Even the lives of young Negro sisters and brothers. No longer people, but statistics all.

And statistics do not have souls, conscious, or futures. They just are.


2 thoughts on “COSTAS TO THE RESCUE … NOT

  1. True words and sentiment about another bleeding heart neo-liberal who just knows better than everyone else. There’s no stopping the do-gooders of our’s, or any day. They will never quit tying to live our lives for us and protect us from every evil. God help us.

    Thanks, David.

  2. Steve,

    It’s a sad set of circumstances. We cannot, as classical liberals, legislate what is cool or uncool – nor do I have ANY ambition to do so. At the same time, it doesn’t help having progressives running around calling animal behaviour “authentically black”, making excuses for it. I’m tired of it frankly, it’s why I’m pretty harsh here in my indictment.

    Mr Costas has long been a leftist. Great sports announcer, no doubt, but he’s over his eyeballs here. I still remember him calling games where Michael Jordan did the miraculous; brings back golden memories, for sure.

    But the thug culture living in breathing in too many black environs is destructive, and as Stanley Crouch has done, Albert Murray and Ralph Ellison before him, this culture ought to be lit up and face judgment accordingly.

    In essence, it is. That’s why all this goes so bad.

    I appreciate your comments, broheem. I’ll see you on the ether my Lutheran brother.


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