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By David Beilstein

DEVELOPMENTS in the arid lands of Egypt, suggest the futility of United States efforts to socially engineer a people beraft of the philosophical and ideological presuppositions needed to erect a liberal and tolerant society. Consequently, Egypt is on the brink of a radical dictatorship, Sharia Law, and an assortment of other unpleasant happenings, diametrically opposed to the cacophonous Obama panegyric of,

‘Vote as if your lady parts depended on it.’

Sharia law is as good for women as breast cancer, and as good for men too, as stage IV prostate cancer. Our topic then, considers large issues, of America and identity; of the shape of things. All the war against women hoopla, frankly, was bullshit – lapped up by an American populous brimming with sentimentality, thus, decoupled from larger realities imposed upon human beings and their individual natures. But where rationality is absent, foolishness resides in opposition. Given the choice between a counterfeit liberalism (progressive leftism) and flat earth, moralistic progressivism dubbed ‘conservative’ – of which Rick Santorum has been the poster child; it is somewhat easy to explain away the veil of darkness blinding American voters’ vision.

Such trammelling was a large reason for a majority of voters driving the sports car over the cliff Nov. 6. I, myself, blame white progressives. They have erected a cultural mediocrity so interlaced around the societal fabric of American institutions; it’s difficult to get a word in edge-wise. And despite this peculiar turn of events, Barack Obama has avoided the charge of being labeled an Uncle Tom.

Why not? White leftists love Obama, the same white leftists Malcolm X used to scold – as Mr X saw the mediocrity the white “liberal” establishment of his time, as having an etiolating effect upon Negroes in American society.

It’s probably the one area, looking back, Malcolm X was right about, besides basic self-improvement.

Funny still, since the “nigger” language is aimed at those classical liberal Negroes, by whites! – in the proud position of classical liberal heavyweight champion Frederick Douglass – who in turn pivoted, slipped and countered, firing ideological munitions on progressive conventional “wisdom” – wisdom that, proven unwise, has plunged the Negro community into cultural and economic impoverishment.

I’m no race baiter, but goodness, Lord Hath Mercy! White progressives are worse than Klan members. We could throw out names like Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr Thomas Sowell, Dr Anthony Bradley, and Dr Walter E Williams. All beautiful Negro Americans – meaning mulatto in terms of experience and individuality. The vitriol white progressives have for these Negroes of rationality and high achievement – of critical thinking skills proven through merit; men working in traditional themes of constitutional richness – is damn shameful.

Worse than shameful – it’s disgusting. The orgasmic joy of white progressives for President Barry Obama is of the House Negro variety, something that used to be an insult. Not anymore; for large swaths of the American Negro citizenry in America now vote hand in foot in line with white progressives, despite those policies harming greater numbers, and greater diversities of Negroes; greater vocational opportunities too.

Those gifted Negroes, mentioned above, endowed with rare minds, outlining historical, factual ways for self-improvement are now the Uncle Tom’s; those, like Obama, lauded by white progressives, using century old Marxist failed theory, also historically grounded, are the brother’s keepers of Negro American “authenticity”.

Authenticity is about as slippery as snot on a doorknob. I guess I’m not hard enough yet; for I have failed to carry the bullshit far enough; shooting my girlfriend and myself after. Yeah, that mess. Two human beings dead because of ghetto posture – a posture celebrated by white progressives as the marrow of black authenticity. In contradistinction, the Negro with proper diction, persistence – soul and mother wit – whom views a handgun as no different than a table saw; not greater heft of his mons pubis, is deemed inauthentic.

The noble Negro savage; a mush-mouthed scowling black fool, vicious and hard, is the creation of the white progressive. His handgun strapped, and his bling shining; his unintelligible clipped diction, just another phallus – the itch for riches by any means necessary, just another avenue to hell.

Mediocrity abounds. American culture, then, being mulatto, rather than black or white – or anything else – is far too complicated and richly nuanced for progressive politics to answer. And so, it doesn’t. What it does – not unlike fundamentalism – is simplify things to such a degree, the entire enterprise is worse for wear. Once the structural integrity of a building – or a nation’s ideological foundation is breached; things collapse.

That’s happening now. But there is more to this American tragedy. The educational system is a disaster, of the abandoned Ghetto toilet variety, not the academy, especially in Negro communities. And it has been the efforts of white progressives, who aided by mental handicap and ideological buffoonery, have enslaved generations of black, low-income children to statistical numbers, not future men and women – human beings! – and tragic outcomes. Then, in a dishonesty of tremendous duplicity, these lily-white progressives turn to the opposition, and blame them for being racists; even though, those communities where inner city schools are in disrepair, the idea of a truly classical liberal being elected is mathematically impossible.

In America, however, there is the low-down and high up. For instance, Albert Murray’s Train Whistle Guitar is ample literary beauty; the resources of Negro American identity are sweeping, reaching, and yes, striving, into confrontations and vast textures of the blues; vanity of vanity blues – unseen, unheard, in the glib cultural evaluations, masquerading as wisdom in progressive corridors. Corridors, mind you, in which whites are the gatekeepers. Murray is one of the best minds America has produced in 60 years. The professor’s The Omni-Americans is a proper account of America’s mulatto syncopation; one given health by diversity and individual freedom.

There are few voices of sanity on the left. Princeton professorial megaphone, Dr Cornel West, has been the most honest – slinging arrows and bricks at the Obama administration for being an incompetent monstrosity – caring little for Negro self-improvement, and the economic and social problems facing sister Sheneekia and brother Tyrone, respectfully. Unfortunately, Dr West’s sword is worse than dull because he has tried to sharpen it on the presuppositions of mooning over Marx – of nationalistic maudlin, of ham-boned leftism, equally ineffective in clearing a brighter path.

Coming back to Egypt, then, it is interesting to note, Obama foreign policy has helped erect leadership and polity positions in Middle Eastern countries – the Obama campaign itself spent almost a billion dollars labeling as the unelectable positions of Republicans.

Lastly, Obama and his white progressive band of gypsies are silly. Problem is, they got the ship. And like the Titanic many moons ago, that ship is taking on water; lots of water. Too much water.

What was it that engineering cat said in the movie?

‘She’s [Titanic] made of iron, Sir – I assure you, she can and will sink.’

Yes, life – stranger than fiction. You can’t make this stuff up.


7 thoughts on “INTO THE ABYSS

  1. David,

    You have an awesome gift, my friend. it’s not what you say (which is spot on) but how you say it. With grace and ease and wit and reason and history and poetry.

    You’re dead on bullseye, yet again.

    You might want to submit this for publication, my friend. National Review, Weekly Standard, Jewish World Review…to name a few outlets that I do believe would love to carry your wonderful writing.

    It’s really good stuff!

    Your brother,


    (PS- I submitted the same comment but with my ‘oldadam’ handle (went to your moderation)…could you please delete one or the other? Thanks, David.)

    • Steve,

      Appreciate the compliments, brother. You will have to walk me through the moderation thingy you mentioned. I’m just learning the whole blog thing. It’d be my pleasure to erase what you need erased – I just need some guidance!

      I have some contacts at National Review. I’d love to get into that chili lemme tell you, Sir. They run a tight ship – and you gotta be good. I know I’m old, but I’m still learning the whole sentence and word order thing. Like Jack Jackson, I keep stepping, wherever The Lord Ordains (Proverbs 16:33).

      Blessings Brother,

      • David,

        I dunno…methinks you’ve got that pro-style writing, a la Mark Steyn.

        Give it a whirl! You know Jack J. would!


        I think there is a spam area in the WordPress blogs (click under your blog title, upper left corner I believe for a pull down menu. You can approve or trash comments, etc.

        I was having trouble a while back on some blogs (making comments) and had to use a whole nuther name and e-mail…long story…but sometimes it’ll change up on me and go to moderation. Who can figure…not me.

        G’nite. I’m up at 4a…gotta hit the sack.

        – Steve

        PS – I sent your piece “Into the Abyss” to Dennis Prager. I hope he will see it.

        I listen to him whenever I’m off work during the week. If you don’t know of him, I think you can get him on Prager Radio .com You’d like him.

      • Steve,

        Of course you can send my stuff to whomever, wherever, you desire Steve. Much obliged brother!

        I listened to Mr Pragger interview novelist Vince Flynn, but was unaware you could send stuff to him – but no matter, send what you need to whomever you know. I have to get a job after film school, no what I mean? Lol.

        I’ll try to fix the moderation thing tomorrow. I have some stuff to do early, so I’m hitting the sleepy town. I really need to get some Old English grey, my friend.

        Have a restful night Steve. Thanks for following and perusing my writing. I’m humbled and flattered.


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