Politics, Status quaestionis



By David Beilstein

RAMESH PONNURU wrote an article for NRODT, (National Review on dead trees). In his article he writes of the weakness of the GOP, the 2012 election simply a consequence of a seriously ill political party.

Ponnuru goes on to say, Mitt Romney should not be blamed for this. I tend to agree, even though, on social media, and elsewhere, I was one of the biggest critics of the GOP in general and Mitt Romney in particularl, during the Republican Primaries.

My reason was simple enough: Romney was not a strict classical liberal. Not wafting of the gentle breeze and stout hearts of Barry Goldwater or  Ronald Reagan. Romney’s healthcare plan in his home state, restricts freedom, and is too costly. The list goes on. This put a serious wrinkle in my boxer shorts. In that regard, I threw hard punches at Romney during the GOP primaries; even harder punches at Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum. Both of whom, Santorum and Bachman, would have been far worse than Romney against incumbent Barry Obama. When it came to Mitt Romney,  I got the sense (and it was stated directly too) he thought government was good, even in areas it is restricted by Constitutional law; I also got the sense, Romney would never run a campaign based upon government being the problem, rather than the solution.

I was right here. But there are few Republicans in a position to run for high office, who would dare to blame government for American collapse, fiscally, as well as culturally.  And it would be hard to get away with such a panegyric quite honestly, since Republican candidates for quite sometime have accepted the leftist premise that government does have a large role to play here. Put another way, with such a progressive leftist premise accepted even by Republicans, GOP candidates wage a war with Niagara falls when they commence to utter, cajole, Americans to believe, that when Democrats are in control of the civil magistrate state only; things are bad – as they have been, certainly, under Obama.

But since things have been deteriorating under GOP leadership in America, too, stripped of classical liberal policy principals, it is not hard to see why Romney’s pitch to the American people fell on deaf ears, propelling President Obama to reelection, easily. When you have the job losses, income stagnation, amidst various difference cultures within America, occurring over decades, simply blaming Obama and the last four years sounds awfully stupid.

Don’t misunderstand. Obama was a disaster, if his policies do not change, his reelection, for America, will a larger disaster. But a political party has to have a basis of trustworthiness and competence in order to sell a product: in this case, the GOP is trying to sell itself in a leadership role to the American public. Nov. 6, the American people said, “No thanks.” And that was based upon what the GOP has done in the past – delegitimising their pitch for the future.

Once ideology is stripped from the national dialogue, things turn simplistic and stale quickly. Suffice to say, an argument between Democrats do this, Republicans do that, ensues. Such a moronic dialectic does not inform, educate, or explicate, why fortune or impoverishment ensues out of [political] policy – a consequence of specific policies, which thus, are a consequence of particular political ideology. The GOP hates ideology; seeing it as complex wasps nest never to be approached. What they are left with is, well – the 2012 campaign: Democrat’s suck, vote for us. ObamaCare sucks – vote for us, badly fought wars (and their consequences); the financial collapse of 2008 and all!

Gentlemen’s! not going to cut it – sounds like granny-dodging, sapsucker excreta to more and more Americans.

Ponnuru is correct: the GOP is weak; it has been weak for sometime. And part of the entire point of this blog, Crede, ut Intelligas, has been to try to elucidate why the Republican Party is so weak. Granted, the Libertarian Party and other classical liberal formulations connect with me far more than the GOP; it must be quite clear, third party solutions are bankrupt up until now. Not even the rock star entheos of the people of these United States behind him could elect Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.

And Roosevelt was a successful, and popular, president. Consequently, the recapturing of the GOP hill by classical liberals, is the most realistic approach that can be made; at least in our own times.

History is made, records are broken. One of them was broken this past Nov. 6, when a president seeking reelection – who should have lost based upon all historical data, won – winning handedly. Given the texture of history, we will never know whether this was based upon Barry Obama’s presidential skills, or a GOP in free fall and structural collapse.

My suspicion is the latter.


11 thoughts on “GUT SHOT

  1. Hi David,

    Good to see that you are back at it!

    It’s quite a sad thing to see what has happened in this country. Those who support Barry O. are actively engaged in counter-revolution. They wish to undue the work of the Founders and to establish a strong Fed. govt. that will control of everything, take from the rich, and support them. They are well aided by the schools and the media. The hate campaigns against Republicans have paid off nicely for the leftists. The lack of backbone and the desirer to be liked by ‘everyone’, surely has not helped the GOP.

    What to do about it? I’m stymied. I’m hoping that young, eloquent thinkers and writers such as yourself can figure something out. Otherwise the world will have lost one of the greatest forces for good and bastion of freedom that it has ever known. Possibly never again to return.

    Thank you, brother for your astute observations.

    • Steve,

      Right on my brother! Excellent points. Mark Steyn has made many of your points, essay after essay, and in two books. Since Christopher Hitchens passed, I’m nominating Mark Steyn as greatest living essayist in the English language. The man is writes like Jack Johnson used to fight; style and grace personified. Better still, Steyn is telling the truth. The writer has to tell the truth. But, as Steyn says, there is a thing called reality. And reality does not need to win 50% of the vote and 270 in the electoral college. And that reality will hurt Democrats severely. If classical liberalism is right – and it has been politically since its inception, progressivism will not create a more prosperous society – it will impoverish many and control large amounts of the populations life style. In other words, those things that cannot continue – will not continue. America cannot continue down the road it’s on and Democrats will own that simply because Republicans are not making up the majorities in high elected office. The question is, what will rise out of the mess? If a truly classical liberal party can emerge – or if classical liberals take over the GOP; we could see lasting and significant electoral victories in the next fifty years. We will probably be gone by then, but the future is prescribed in the past – the battles that are fought there. I appreciate your kind words. I’m not so young though. I’m 36. And I have simply had the honor of reading and interacting with all kinds of writers and thinkers much better than myself – far smarter too. I am encouraged it is beginning to pay off even in small ways. That said, big things have small beginnings, Deo Volente. Thanks for writing my Lutheran brother!


      • ” I’m not so young though. I’m 36.”

        Ah…to be 36 again! (I’ve got you by 20). You are a young man, David. Enjoy your life and fight the battles hard. And never forget that the Lord is at work in all of this muck…for His purposes.

        I happen to agree with you on Steyn. A real heavy hitter. And funny, too. Jack Johnson. What a fighter!

        You are in that same mold, my friend. I’m honored to have a brother in Christ such as you.

        In His grip,


    • Steve,

      The page did allow me to reply to your last comment, so I’m commenting below your first comment. You were brother in Christ already, but now you’ve earned class and cool points all over for knowing who Jack Jackson was. That’s going back to 1908, when he won the heavyweight title. Changed history and predates the stick and move magic of Ali; still, so few know about Mr Johnson.

      “Whatever you write, write that I was a man.”
      – Jack Johnson

      Will have to communicate via email brother Steve, unless you don’t e-mail strangers. If that’s the case, no offense taken. I pray Divine Service was edifying for you today, brother.


      • Steve,
        By the way, Steve. I was adopted from the Lutheran Social Services at three months, in Washington, DC. So, I see Lutherans as Dr Luther described Christian saints loving their neighbors. It was God’s work; the different “masks” of God. If not for Lutherans, there would be no me; cause my parents would not have found me. Moses in a basket man!

  2. Wow, David! What a great thing that the Lord has done in your life!

    When we get there…let’s look up Jack Johnson and have a nice lunch. I’m pretty sure he’s there. He was just the kind of guy that the Lord really is crazy about. A free-wheelin’ guy who lived life to the fullest.

    E-mail me at sma9231961@aol.com

    Thanks, David!

  3. Our worship service was great today. A strong Word. The Lord’s Supper. And some good ‘consolation of the brethren’.

    Not too many in attendance. But “where 2 or 3 are gathered…”

    I hope you had an edifying day, as well, David.

      • Steve,

        I dunno if I can do Jack Johnson justice. If you have a way of getting DVD’s look up Ken Burns “Unforgivible Blackness”, a great PBS documentary on Jack Johnson. It is based upon an excellent biography of the same name. Jack Johnson has long been the legendary influence of Ralph Ellison, Albert Murray, and Stanely Crouch – three wise cultural critics who have personified individuality and unconventional wisdom throughout their careers.


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