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By David Beilstein

IT appears the upcoming Star Wars Trilogy, sans George Lucas, is heeding the clarion call of Ad fontes (to the sources). News confirming Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of The Lost Ark, and Body Heat) is set to take up writing duties on the third trilogy has dropped.

The Hollywood Reporter is confirming reports both Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have locked deals to write the new trilogy. Oscar winner Michael Arndt is reportedly writing the script for Episode VII, with Kasdan and Kinberg possibly slighted for Episode VIII, and IX.

I could do without Kinberg as talented as he is. It’s just a feeling. But feelings can run amiss; Kinberg did an incredible job with X-Men: First Class and the stellar Robert Downey Jr., vehicle Sherlock Holmes.

But one thing is certain: Lawrence Kasdan is gift.

The man is responsible for at least two of the best commercial movies in the last 30 years: The Empire Strikes Back, 1980, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981.  If there is a man who is a better interpreter of the Star Wars universe than Lucas – as well as being a much better screenwriter – it’s Lawrence Kasdan. Also, over at Rope of Silicon, more details are available concerning the writers of the new Star Wars Trilogy. Around the internet galaxy, there has been a brouhaha of Star Wars news recently; it concerns potential directors, and those filmmakers declining a directorial role in the new space opera series.

Disney and LucasFilm have declined to comment, but that only means it’s probably true.

This news does confirm my trust in newly made head of LucasFilm, Katherine Kennedy. It also furthers my anticipation that we could get a surprise here: that is, really good Star Wars movies. As they say, only time will tell. But it is looking hopeful. Competent filmmakers are coming aboard.


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