Novus Ordo Seclorum, Status quaestionis



By David Beilstein

MOONBAT economist, Paul Krugman, wrote a column for the New York Times touting a return to the dismal 91% tax rate on top income earners.

In pining to a return to the days — and tax rates, of the 1950s, Krugman writes,

Squeezed between high taxes and empowered workers, executives were relatively impoverished by the standards of either earlier or later generations. In 1955 Fortune magazine published an essay, “How top executives live,” which emphasized how modest their lifestyles had become compared with days of yore. The vast mansions, armies of servants, and huge yachts of the 1920s were no more; by 1955 the typical executive, Fortune claimed, lived in a smallish suburban house, relied on part-time help and skippered his own relatively small boat.

Impoverishment is never good; for executives, or anyone else.  I would gather Krugman himself is not impoverished and he does not even produce a product. It seems criticism aimed at the GOP this election cycle was that they were stuck in the past; like say, the 1950s. Given Krugman’s column, it becomes even clearer to me why venerating the past wholesale is unwise.

Some things about the 1950s were not so hot.

Racial issues come to mind, especially if one was black. But also the tax rates. Does the government have a right to steal 91% of what a person owns — which is 91% of a persons time and labor? Krugman defends high top marginal rates with the most visceral account of what wealth can purchase, the excesses of the Gatsby-like exuberance of the 1920s. But that is not the point. Also, the amount of jobs created by those who could afford such lavish toys was legion. The Yachts have to be built; servants do not work for free.

Paul Krugman has achieved high levels of income. One must ask: should the government hold him back?

But the prevalent moonbat hysteria in our epoch is foil with parsimoniousness; a ‘live as I say, not as I do’  mentality abides in men like Krugman. It is an immensely irritating concomitant of big government arousal. Krugman is neither wise nor profound; he is a petulant ass worthy of rapacious scorn.

One must clearly lock into the mind that for Krugman and his ilk Americans who work and produce are plebeians; the exemption being the ruling class. Recall the ruling class and their fetid intellectual pretension; those sanguinary packs of bureaucratic fools who have scorned the life of men honing the art of private production. Men and women whose skills gather neither New York Times’ columns or Nobel Peace Prize’s for economics brimming with no better science than witchcraft.

If Krugman desires a 91% tax on top income earners, he is welcome to it. Like many men, Krugman can do unlimited charity and balderdash with other people’s income.

Forgive me for my tone. The Daily Caller posted this piece. I have nothing large against Marco Rubio (R-FL), but the GOP collective gasps in Iowa over a Rubio presidential run are insensate. We just had a presidential election that should have been won… easily. It is always tomorrow with the GOP brand; it’s always in the airless future they’ll get the Democrats. But what the hell happened this year is what legions of liberty-loving individuals want to know; a vulnerable president of incompetence — economic numbers that should have secured Republican victory?

Sorry, but I’m just not that enthused over Rubio.



  1. The Krugman’s of world are a scary lot.

    And you are right. We JUST had an election. I had a hard enough time getting used to 2 years of campaigning, let alone 4.

    You have a very interesting blog. I’m looking forward to coming back and perusing a bit.


    • Steve,

      Could not have said it better myself brother. Krugman’s like a bad penny, always showing up. I wish Dr Walter E Williams would write a political economics book based solely on refuting Krugman’s hot gas. When it comes to 2016, I would be tempted to support Rubio. I’m still having pangs of regret that I did not vote for the candidate I wanted to this year which was a protest vote against the GOP (Libertarian Party). I’m a member of the Libertarian Party Of Florida, but voted for Romney in case “Florida was close.” But goodness, man, it just irks me that President Obama was so vulnerable this year and Republicans still found a way lose even with historical precedent on their side.

      That’s a party in decline, I’m sorry.

      So all this water cooler talk about Rubio! Rubio! Rubio! is awfully irritating. It’s like asking someone to get excited over the prospect of major surgery in the coming weeks. Ugh.

      Nice to see you commenting brother – God Bless and I pray this finds you well.

      • Thank you, David. It’s wonderful to meet new friends who know the score and have not drunk the kool-aid.

        Walter Williams is another gentleman that I would give a year’s pay just to follow him around for a week and listen to.

        God bless you, Brother David. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

      • Happy Thanksgiving Steve – it’s here, almost.

        Dr Williams is a gift … that negro has magic hands, as I used to say about fighters. Dr Williams has a brilliant mind; a winsome demeanour too. There’s actually quite a few who have not drunk the kook-aid, my Lutheran champ; that said, over three million of them decided not to vote for whatever reason Tuesday, Nov. 6.

        I have my suspicions; I’ve documented some on here; I’ll continue to document more as well as offer some alternatives to the current shape of conservative politics. Can’t say I blame the politics of those former GOP voters who did not vote – but it would have been great to have gotten rid of Obama. He was vulnerable and should have been beaten; but past slips-into-the-mud and ideological inconsistency has temporarily crippled the GOP machine; erasing their support among too many classically liberal minded voters.

        Regardless, I’m looking forward to interacting with you more. I loved your profound energy in sticking up for the Law/Gospel distinction on Mr Stellman’s website. You confessional Lutherans do a great job defending the Lord’s Holy Gospel against all comers. I plan on listening to those classes you posted on Mr Stellman’s comment box… can you throw the links to those Justification classes to me in an email (

        Us confessional Presbyterians are by your side, champ. Thank you, God bless. I pray this finds you healthy and vigorous.

        Kind regards,

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