By David Beilstein

THE scandal is growing. Almost 40 years ago, John Dean, White House Council to President Richard M. Nixon, made his infamous statement – churning the waters of Watergate. Such political scandal might not become true in the case of Benghazi, but the timing of CIA director David Petraeus’ resignation because of adultery, now involving another Four-Star General, and femme fatale, Jill Kelly, is coincidental to extreme.

There are many questions involving Benghazi; few answers, and lingering suspicions. What is more, the judgment of Director Petraeus and Gen. John Allen, top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, is damning.

Why was the head of the CIA so reckless – and what the hell is going on in Afghanistan?

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will not testify in front Congressman Peter King’s (R-NY) congressional hearing. Moreover, disgraced David Petraeus, apparently, will not either. I said here some time ago this situation stinks and it becomes intimately depressing it took a Facebook-like teenage sexual peek-a-boo to draw media attention to the events in Libya.

Such human depravity litters the corridors of life in this age. Truth tends to come out in interesting ways and it appears the shape and texture of Benghazi may well require the rhythms and motions of the boudoir to reveal larger disgraces. We still do not know if Benghazi’s web perforates the mottling halls of the West Wing; we may never know.

One thing is fore sure, this is not going away soon. The majority of  American voters chose Barack Obama – unqualified, incompetent – over Mitt Romney; not my choice, but better than Obama indeed. Through the celebrations and the pomp; Americans will face the consequences of an unwise decision.

There is large elements to my thinking – no, I’m not a conspiracy theorist – that believes Benghazi is a harbinger of stormy seas. Like the 2012 presidential election outcome, I pray I am wrong. Corruption and incompetence in the White House does not create rising tides for any American’s ships.

Just ask the families of the victims of the Benghazi attacks.


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