By David Beilstein

IF Charles Krauthammer is right about this – oh my. The situation would be worse than first thought. I’m not a FOX News guy, but here is some of what Krauthammer said,

And that brings us to the ultimate issue, and that is his testimony on September 13. That’s the thing that connects the two scandals, and that’s the only thing that makes the sex scandal relevant. Otherwise it would be an exercise in sensationalism and voyeurism and nothing else. The reason it’s important is here’s a man who knows the administration holds his fate in its hands, and he gives testimony completely at variance with what the Secretary of Defense had said the day before, at variance with what he’d heard from his station chief in Tripoli, and with everything that we had heard. Was he influenced by the fact that he knew his fate was held by people within the administration at that time?

There are times when scandals do not balloon like the press anticipates. So far this scandal shows no evidence of slowing down and it’s sudden metastasis is typical of a presentiment large in circumference. I’m not in the predicting game because I already lost my chips on the election – but it will be interesting to watch!

Of course, there is the age old wisdom that when men and women jump into each other’s chilli (with people besides their spouses) good things typically do not transpire. That’s true whether you are bagging groceries at Publix for a little over minimum wage or the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Politically, the Obama administration will have to get out in front of this scandal quickly. If they have nothing to hide they might have already done so – by ditching Petraeus.


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