From The Editorial Desk




By David Beilstein

MANY others and myself have written plenty about the 2012 presidential election. Since the election season is over, Crede ut, Intelligas will focus on other issues. I believe I have something like 49 entries concerning politics. I try hard to be a consistent classical liberal/libertarian — in the face of that, I will spend much more time writing about more important interests.

When I have time, I will continue screening movies from the past and offering comments on them. Call these reviews, I guess. But my interests are derived from being a fan more than writing professional reviews. Whatever readership this modest blog has; I appreciate all of you, dear readers.

I will, however, continue to blog about politics. Benghazi will expand in importance. Recent developments concerning CIA director David H. Petraeus’ resignation over an extra-martial affair could be just the beginning. It would seem circumstances in Libya hold large mysteries, besides as it were, complete incompetence by the Obama administration. Whether the Obama administration’s actions rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanours is unlikely, but not impossible. It is the CIA’s job to conduct plausibly deniable covert actions; they are a clandestine intelligence agency after all. Since the media no longer has to protect Barry Obama, we might see some quality investigative reporting.

Still, an unknown story exists in this tangled web of intrigue that requires digging.

Concerning culture, it matters. It should not require a major defeat in the presidential election to get that across minds devoted to classical liberalism. We have major work to do and that work requires depth, not superficiality. And despite the best efforts amongst our civitas, this age is fleeting — it is, then, penultimate.

To acknowledge what is truly beautiful in this penultimate age embraces the work of the committed classical liberal, not in ignorance of the ugly, but because of it. No straight line is comprehended without the juxtaposing of the crooked line.

Victory is assured.


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